Isobar and SheSays unite to broaden creative industry’s female talent pool

Digital marketing agency Isobar and global creative network for women SheSays have paired up to help drive diversity and female talent in the creative industry.

Laura Jordan Bambach. Image source: Julian Hanford ‎

The partnership will see the companies create work placement opportunities for young women, providing open briefs, hack days and events with leading figures in the industry. They will also relaunch the SheSays awards, previously known as the Golden Stilletos.

Currently only three per cent of creative director positions within the industry are held by females, despite the fact women account for more than 80 per cent of consumer spending, according to some reports.

By championing and connecting experienced leaders with creative talent, the companies hope to cultivate a broad base of female talent across a mix of disciplines and roles, from creative interns to international CEOs.

SheSays founder, Laura Jordan Bombach said: “Women in the industry - especially in creative, design and tech - are incredibly poorly represented, especially at the top level. This means that the people up on stage picking up awards, the creative directors, are a steady flow of men.

"This discourages women from taking up these roles, and without positive role models they often fail to progress or leave for other roles aver the course of their careers. It’s a vicious circle - you can’t be what you can’t see. By supporting SheSays, Isobar is a catalyst for a change in the industry that’s lagging behind both other industries and other roles within advertising.”

Isobar CEO and executive creative director Nick Bailey said: “The last 15 years or so have seen an extraordinary explosion in diversity of creative opportunity in terms of technology, media and innovation.

"That this is not matched by the diversity of people making and championing the work should be a matter of regret for all of us in this industry. I'm proud and excited to be partnering with an organisation that has done so much already to address this imbalance and look forward to being part of this pioneering initiative in pursuit of equality of opportunity for all in the creative industries.”

The announcement of the partnership coincides with International Women’s Day, which kicks off tomorrow (8 March).

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