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91% of SME websites are 'prehistoric' and not accessible via mobile according to BaseKit survey

91 per cent of SMEs don't have a responsive web design 91 per cent of SMEs don't have a responsive web design

91 per cent of small business’ website are not accessible via mobile according to a new report from website building platform BaseKit.

Comprised from the findings of a survey of 510 small to medium sized businesses in Q4 2013 the report also found that only two thirds of SMEs were able to update their one site, only half used social media to promote their business and just 18 per cent of SME sites were SEO optimised.

Basekit’s CEO, Juan Lobato commented: “In this day and age, a website that can only be accessed via PC is positively prehistoric - consumers are now accessing websites on-the-go, especially on the high street, and businesses with no mobile offering are simply missing out. Our research showed that over 50 per cent of new traffic now comes via mobile, and so it is essential that SME websites should be designed with mobile in mind.”

The report was commissioned to uncover how well SMEs were faring with technology and if firms were harnessing the power of technology and the internet to promote their business.


5 Mar 2014 - 14:54
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The question to ask is, how many of these companies target their prospective customers online?

here is a presupposition that all businesses should be relying on digital marketing and that traditional marketing methods no longer work. This is untrue.

The fact is that most successful traditional SME's generate most of their business by referral and networking within their target markets (This of course does not apply to online businesses).

If you know (I don't mean guess) that your target customers are going to be surfing the web or are actively looking on social media sites to find your goods and services then invest in the best digital marketing you can afford. If not be circumspect in the time and money you invest. How many big ticket B2B deals start with a web enquiry?

I estimate that UK small businesses waste over £1bn every year on useless social media marketing. This figure does not include the millions wasted building web sites that nobody visits.


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