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LastMinute.com hit by 46% fall in organic visibility following Google penalty

LastMinute.com hit by 46% fall in organic visibility following Google penaltyLastMinute.com hit by 46% fall in organic visibility following Google

LastMinute.com has seen a 46 per cent fall in organic visibility on Google, which may be due to a negative SEO attack.

While it still holds the number one position for its branded terms, its ranking for terms such as ‘restaurants’, ‘hotels’ and ‘cheap flights’ have fallen.

Colin McDermott, head of SEO at Banc Media, said: “This is a big penalty, and seems to be coinciding with a noticeable increase in larger corporate sites being hit recently.

“According to today’s Searchmetrics UK winners and losers report, LastMinute.com have been hit by a 46 per cent fall in organic visibility, from 244,640 to 132,607.

“Whether it caused the problem or not, it appears LastMinute.com may have been the victim of a fairly severe negative SEO attack.

“Filtering the anchor text links for typical spam terms reveals some a huge amount of dodgy links using some very nasty pharma keywords.”

Several brands, including Expedia, have so far been caught out with the online travel brand having suffered a 25 per cent drop in its organic search visibility. Interflora also suffered a massive fall in rankings.

Google's algorithms detect many spam techniques and automatically demote the sites that use them, Searchmetrics warns.

LastMinute.com has not replied to a request for comment.


28 Feb 2014 - 10:06

When all of these stories come out, they all seem to start with the negative SEO attack line. But its quite obvious without much digging to find that companies such as LastMinute.com and Expedia are ignorant to Google's guidelines on SEO because they think they are too big to get punished. Its about time that Google started treating all companies the same, irrelevant of their size and punishing everyone equally. So unlucky LastMinute.com and high five to Google!

28 Feb 2014 - 22:17

No one is safe if you don't stick to Google's script. The disavow tool is alive and well.

1 Mar 2014 - 10:54

The disavow tool is not always actioned by Google. As otherwise everyone will be trying to disavow their bad links to make them look squeaky clean, even if they had been doing negative SEO.

12 Mar 2014 - 13:07
Phil Mackechnie's picture

A week after reported it would appear Lastminute.com have recovered most of their SEO visibility according to Searchmetrics reporting last Thursday 6th March.


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