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DC Thomson and Dundee City Council unveil Bash Street to celebrate The Beano

Dennis the Menace, Dave Sutherland and Mike StirlingDennis the Menace, Dave Sutherland and Mike Stirling
DC Thomson and Dundee City Council unveil Bash Street to celebrate The Beano
DC Thomson and Dundee City Council unveil Bash Street to celebrate The Beano

Bash Street, home of the Beano’s mischievous schoolboys the Bash Street Kids, has been brought to life by DC Thomson and Dundee City Council.

Located in the West Marketgait area of Dundee, the sign features two of the kids - Plug and Wilfred – leaving graffiti about their long suffering teacher.

Bill Campbell, depute convener of Dundee City Council’s City Development Committee, said: “We have many roads in Dundee named after famous people, famous places and even famous rivers, but I think this is the first time that we’ve agreed to name a street after a famous street.

“The Bash Street Kids and The Beano itself are iconic and it is truly fitting that the city of their birth should commemorate them in this most public of ways. We've already got statues of Desperate Dan and Minnie the Minx in the city centre and it's good to tie in with other comic characters."

The sign was designed by the consumer products team at DC Thomson and uses classic Bash Street Kids artwork.

The Beano editor-in-chief Mike Stirling added “It’s great that Dundee City Council allowed us to be creative with the Bash Street sign and feature illustration which reflects the fun and playful nature of The Beano.”

This comes as the Bash Street Kids celebrate 60 years.

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