MWC: Internet Of Things, wearables and 5G top for mentions, while Samsung clocks up over 40,000 mentions

Almost half a million (477,268) tweets have been sent mentioning the event ("MWC" "MWC14" or "Mobile World Congress") so far, research from Hotwire/33 Digital has found, with Samsung, Nokia and Sony racking up the most brand mentions.

Data & Analytics, Hotwire/33Digital

Samsung has seen 41,519 mentions, while Nokia has led to 33,599 mentions and Sony on 24,392. Facebook came fifth on the list of top ten brands, with 11,276 mentions. This is despite Zuckerberg taking to the stage to defend Facebook's acquisition of WhatsApp.

The Internet of Things has been the top trend of the event, leading to 3,697 mentions, followed by wearables (2,191) and car (1,527).

Yesterday, Ford announced upgrades to its SYNC AppLink system, allowing users to access their mobile apps in the car.

Top 10 brands mentioned

1. Samsung: 41,519 mentions

2. Nokia: 33,599 mentions

3. Sony: 24,392 mentions

4. HTC: 14,392 mentions

5. Facebook: 11,276 mentions

6. Huawei: 9,709 mentions

7. BlackBerry: 9,313 mentions

8. Firefox: 8,709 mentions

9. LG: 6,588 mentions

10. ZTE: 4,758 mentions

Top 5 trends mentioned

1. Internet Of Things: 3,697 mentions

2. Wearables: 2,191 mentions

3. Car: 1,527 mentions

4. 5G: 1,434 mentions

5. Privacy: 1,103 mentions

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