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Home Office continues anti-abuse campaign with teen rape ad featuring Hollyoaks actors

Home Office continues anti-abuse campaign with teen rape ad featuring Hollyoaks actors Home Office continues anti-abuse campaign with teen rape ad featuring

The UK Home Office has launched a new ad as part of its ongoing ‘This is Abuse’ campaign featuring a rape scene played out by Hollyoaks actors to raise awareness of sexual abuse within relationships to teenagers.

The ad, which ran after the 9pm watershed on Channel 4 last night (1 February), features a confrontation between the characters, player by actor Jeremy Sheffield and actress Nikki Sanderson after she refuses to give her consent for sex.

The ad, which is the second to star the two Hollyoaks actors, is part of a wider campaign to demonstrate to teenagers what constitutes abuse and consent in a relationship and directs them to the This is Abuse website for advice on how to challenge unacceptable behaviour and where to receive help.

Crime Prevention minister Norman Baker said: "Many young people do not understand that rape can, and does happen in relationships.

"We know that 33 per cent of girls and 16 per cent of boys have experienced some form of sexual violence from a boyfriend or girlfriend - this is why early intervention is crucial in order to prevent abuse before it starts.

"Our new 'This is Abuse' television advert encourages teenagers to re-think their views about rape, consent, violence and abuse, and gives them the tools they need to identify and challenge this behaviour when they see it."

Experience of rape and sexual assault among teenagers is widespread both between partners and peer groups, according to research cited by the Home Office. This campaign aims to change attitudes early by challenging the view among teenagers that abuse in relationships is acceptable.

NSPCC chief executive Peter Wanless said: "Too many young people assume violence or emotional abuse is a normal part of relationships. It's vital that we get the message across that it isn't right, it isn't their fault, and there are people ready to help them.

"NSPCC research with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds found that more than half of girls questioned said they had been in a sexually violent relationship before they were 18. And a quarter of boys said they had dated physically aggressive partners.

"Society must accept the ugly truth that what we call domestic abuse can start very early in life. It's not when people become adults, it's what they see and learn from childhood; often from witnessing violence in their own family or among their peers.

"I hope that the government's This is Abuse campaign encourages any young person who needs help, or knows someone who is suffering abuse, to take action to make it stop."

Another ad featuring the two actors ran last December with the character Patrick looking through Maxine's phone before telling her to change her clothes before going out as she looks "cheap" (see below).


2 Feb 2014 - 10:39

Society has supposed to have become more advanced & yet here we are still trying to tackle domestic abuse but yet due to ideological left wing thinking things are worse than ever with these ideologues in complete denial of the truth for years. Political correctness has been the biggest problem among white people never mind the so called "minority communities" where there has been a blanket refusal to aknowledge the abuse of females due to "cultural sensitivities", at what cost? SHAMEFUL, THE BIGGEST CRIME OF MODERN TIMES!!

26 Feb 2014 - 11:41
icequ17089's picture

I wonder if the Home Office, the programmers, the NSPCC Chief Executive and other advocates, put any thought in to the impact of this advert on the victims of rape, sexual violence, people affected by rape and sexual violence and whether or not they considered the effects this advert would have on those with mental health problems, whereby the graphic nature and very realistic depiction of sexual violence acts as a 'trigger'.

A trigger for any number of 'high risk' responses, resulting in relapse, including self-harm, suicidal ideation, depression, anxiety disorders and post traumatic stress disorder, to name but a few. And whether they considered the fact, that the negation of proper forewarning, prior to the advert screening, which completely eliminates the viewers ability to prepare for the impending subject matter, resulting in catastrophic impact to those vulnerable people mentioned above.

By subjecting viewers to this advert without some form of pre-warning regarding it's graphic and violent nature, the Home Office and the programmers have effectively caused trauma to viewers who suffer from the above.

It's for that reason, that the lack of an appropriate warning prior to the broadcast of this campaign, is not only unacceptable, but a grossly negligent act. The attempt to highlight the issues within the campaign, have been completely undermined by the fact that any viewer who has themselves been affected by the subject matter may very well be triggered in to relapse by the graphic nature of the campaign itself, thus achieving nothing short of a negative result.

I hope this matter is addressed by the Advertising Standards Authority, Home Office and individual programmers, as this could have serious consequences for unsuspecting individuals and in some cases cause risk to life.


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