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BBC bans children’s presenters from wearing red lipstick and revealing clothes

BBC bans children’s presenters from wearing red lipstick and revealing clothesBBC bans children’s presenters from wearing red lipstick and revealing

Children’s television presenters on BBC programmes are to be banned from wearing red lipstick or provocative clothing under strict new guidelines to prevent the sexualisation of young girls.

The drive is being enforced by editors who now take to studio floors to order offending presenters to remove their lipstick in order to present a more wholesome image to watching children.

Speaking during a discussion on the future of children’s TV at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Melissa Hardinge, executive editor of CBBC Independents, said:” Obviously sexualisation of girls is something we take incredibly seriously. We try and show fantastic female role models.

“I go onto the floor of Friday Download and make them take their red lipstick off, the presenters. The older end of our six to twelve age groups are very interested in relationships, and we have to show positive role models and the correct way of going about having relationships.”

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