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Will Nicolas Anelka play in West Brom v Everton game? Zoopla could pull £3m shirt sponsorship if he does

Anelka making the 'quenelle' guesture on 28 DecemberAnelka making the 'quenelle' guesture on 28 December

Zoopla has threatened to pull its shirt sponsorship deal with West Brom if Nicolas Anelka plays in the game against Everton tomorrow, Monday 20 January, following the player making an anti-semitic gesture.

The Football Association (FA) is currently investigating Anelka’s ‘quenelle’ gesture, which he made on 28 December.

Anelka admitted making the gesture, where he placed his left arm across his chest while keeping his right arm pointed downwards, as a "special dedication to my comedian friend Dieudonné", who invented the gesture.

However, Zoopla, owned by the Jewish businessman Alex Chesterman, said Anelka must be dropped before the game, and that the company will demand its name removed from the shirt ‘immediately’ if he plays.

West Brom has said in a statement: "Nicolas is eligible for matches whilst the FA carries out its investigation. Therefore, Nicolas will remain under consideration for first-team selection whilst the FA and club continue their enquiries."

The sponsorship deal with Zoopla, made in May 2012, is worth £3m.


19 Jan 2014 - 12:33
tjqui24865's picture

That decision will be up to the club, and not the shirt sponsors! I'm sure Albion don't try to tell Zoopla how to run their business, and therefore Zoopla shouldn't try to tell Albion how to run their business. Their comment amounts to Blackmail in my opinion, which is a crime far worse than a stupid but not intended to be anti-sematic gesture from a footballer innocently celebrating his goal.

19 Jan 2014 - 17:13
Fastamir's picture

Their comment came obv from a Z.....If you don't like it don't sponsor WBA....ffs does that mean if I put my right arm across my chest to feel my heart is still beating that I'm Anti Semetic...ffs stop feeling sorry for yourselves and just look at what you are doing to the Gazan's....Next these Z's will try and stop Muslim players from kissing the ground after they have scored...All I can say to Zoopla is GFYS


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