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Coca-Cola launches #ReasonstoBelieve campaign with new ad

Coca-Cola has rolled out a new campaign, titled ‘Reasons to Believe’, asking its customers to believe in a better world.

The brand’s new 60-second TV ad opens on a child choir singing a version of ‘You Got the Love’. It then jumps to a short clips showing something negative happening in the world, which is then counteracted with another clip showing something positive.

The ad forms part of wider activity, which includes OOH advertising, digital and cinema advertising , with the hashtag #ReasonsToBelieve being promoted across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, encouraging its fans to share their acts of good across the platforms.

To maximise the reach of the campaign, Coca‑Cola has also partnered with Kindle, Spotify and Xbox, so consumers can experience 'Reasons to Believe' via a number of digital platforms.

Additionally, towards the end of January, two extra pieces of content will launch to further amplify the Reasons to Believe campaign.

"For 127 years we have been proud to create bold, thought-provoking campaigns, and the 'Reasons to Believe' campaign firmly follows in these footsteps," explained Bríd Drohan-Stewart, marketing activation director, Coca‑Cola Great Britain and Ireland. "This campaign takes us back to the heartland of what our brand has always stood for – talking to people on an emotional level about topics that are relevant to them and spreading happiness and optimism."

He added: "This campaign has already run successfully in 70 countries around the world and is rooted in local research. Coca‑Cola as a brand has never been afraid to speak its mind and has an authentic cultural depth across the world - everyone in some way has a nostalgic connection with the brand, evoking happy memories."

Ogilvy and Mather worked on the creative for the campaign, while Mediacom handled media planning and buying.

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27 Dec 2013 - 15:19
aiten71546's picture

This is a very wrong way for Coca-Cola. More specifically - this road leads to the rapid dissolution of the company, transforming it from the greatest super brand companies in many tonnage hulking monster ordinary companies. These companies go slowly into oblivion. I reported by the Coca-Cola Company in the spring of 2001. But some sort of rock hanging over them, they did not listen to me.

30 Dec 2013 - 01:17

This advert is getting aired in both it's UK and Irish formats in Irish homes this week. The Irish version replaces the same sex union with a heterosexual marriage even though civil unions exist in both countries. It's turning into a social media #fail for them here - who ever was planning this needs to rethink.


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