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Old Spice 'man's man' brand ambassador arrives in the UK for 'Gentleman Hunt' social campaign

Old Spice’s man’s man, Isaiah Mustafa, is coming to the UK to embark on a nationwide ‘Gentleman Hunt’, to find out what makes the UK man so manly.

The fully integrated campaign, created by Leo Burnett and Holler, the digital and social arm of the Leo Burnett Group, aims to explore the gentlemanly idiosyncrasies and characteristics that make each region unique.

Mustafa announced his first trip to the UK in a film shared on two of the brand’s social networking platforms – Facebook and Instagram. In it, he invites viewers to upload photo, films and share their views on what defines ‘the modern British gentleman’. In response to these observations bespoke films will be made by Mustafa.

To mark the launch of the ‘Gentleman Hunt’ Mustafa will take a horse-drawn carriage through the streets of London, before travelling across the UK and observing British notions of gentlemanly behaviour. Each of the regions he explores will be featured in six films relaying tales of manliness specific to those parts of the country.

“By anchoring the campaign in genuine regional insights about the UK man, or Gentle-Man, in an entertaining way and played out through the lens of the Old Spice guy as well as key influencers on Instagram, we are able to show that Old Spice truly understands men in the UK,” said Paolo Nieddu, strategy director at Holler.

The campaign follows research commissioned by Old Spice especially for the launch of the ‘Gentleman Hunt’ activity, which revealed British men are still proud to embody the traditionally held views of masculinity. According to the poll of over 2,000 men more than half (52 per cent) believes a real man pays on the first date and less than two in 10 men thought a modern man would be comfortable wearing speedos or a sarong (18 per cent and 15 per cent respectively).


18 Dec 2013 - 20:30
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Well that PR story referenced at the end went well. Precisely one google hit - The Drum.

19 Dec 2013 - 10:21
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@si_francis We'll call it an exclusive then!

20 Dec 2013 - 11:01

I'd love to see Old Spice driving some social commerce activity, they've shown many brands how to make social campaigns engaging and exciting, and build a huge audience - now where is the £$ :)


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