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Batman actors Ben Affleck, Val Kilmer and Adam West harness Bat-memes

One of many Bat-memesOne of many Bat-memes

Former Batman actors Val Kilmer and newly announced incumbent in the role, Ben Affleck have both joined in on the latest Bat-meme to hit the Twittersphere.

‘How to look like Batman using your cat’ has gone viral over the last 48 hours.

Earlier today, Val Kilmer tweeted from his verified account @ValEKilmer: “I look like Batman without my cat.” However the tweet has since been deleted.

On 16 November, Ben Affleck said in the wake of the San Francisco ‘Batkid’ event that the young Make a Wish foundation hero for the day was the ‘Best Batman ever.”

Bat legend Adam West also tweeted his support for San Francisco’s Batkid. Michael Keaton has not tweeted from his verified account since 6 November.

George Clooney has not commented.

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