Brands and agencies interest in attribution effectiveness growing claims Quantcast as new whitepaper released

Attribution effectiveness is growing in interest among brands and agencies claims Quantcast head of marketing EMEA Amit Kotecha as the company releases a whitepaper to help explain the different models that are available.

Speaking to The Drum as 'The Quantcast Display Play-by-Play: Unlocking the Value of Display Advertising’ whitepaper was released for download, Kotecha explained that the advertising and online measurement company had witnessed a rise in interest in the use of attribution models over the last six months.

“For many years everyone talked about attribution but no one was doing anything about it,” explained Kotecha, formerly senior mobile and networks manager at the IAB UK prior to joining Quantcast, who cited and the National Trust as two clients using attribution strategies effectively.

““In the last six months we have seen a shift in the industry, More of our clients are asking about it and we are doing a lot more deep dives into attribution. Brands are asking the right questions and have started to realise that their spend is not being utilised to its maximum.

“If you start to look at attribution you can work towards increasing your conversions without increasing your spend, which is what everyone wants to do,” he added.

The whitepaper has been written and illustrated as a simplified guide to understanding and implementing an attribution strategy through four steps.

“The way the industry has been measuring display campaigns has been flawed, We are trying to change this with whitepapers like this and having educational roadshows with our clients and attribution companies explained Kotecha as to why the company has compiled the whitepaper. “It’s a hard subject to get your head around. Attribution is not easy, this guide provides marketers with a step-by-step guide in an easy to understand format.

“Our main objective is to move people away from last touch /click as the main metric to measure effectiveness of display advertising campaigns. This won’t happen overnight however the more industry conversation and methodology questions there are the faster we will get there. ”

He continued to state that real-time-bidding (RTB) was “growing massively” as the result of the continued increase in online content consumption, with advertisers able to reach audiences in a more personalised manner than ever before.

“You can reach people with the right ad, at the right time, in the right place, on the right website through RTB –no longer buying in bulk, you can buy an impression at a time, which is really important. The next advancement from here is understanding how you measure the effectiveness of a campaign,” he claimed.

The full whitepaper, The Quantcast Display Play-by-Play: Unlocking the Value of Display Advertising, including the step-by-step guide, as well as commentary on display advertising data measurement, campaign metrics that matter and further insights can be downloaded now.

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