UK ranks fifth globally for mobile advertising, but India, Indonesia and Nigeria rank higher and cost less

India, Indonesia and Nigeria respectively rank above the UK in the number of mobile banner ads served, research from BuzzCity has found.

In the UK, there was a 45 per cent increase in the number of banner ads served during Q3 compared to Q2, compared to a two per cent increase in the United States. China say the biggest increase, with 76 per cent.

The report suggests that India, Tanzania and Pakistan are mobile hotspots, which are expected to generate rapid and exponential growth in coming months.

Dr KF Lai, BuzzCity founder and CEO, told The Drum: “In the emerging markets, mobile is actually much bigger than desktops in terms of revenue. We have found we are growing very quickly in the emerging markets for mobile because they are more mobile centric and mobile only advertisers.”

In India, Pakistan and Tanzania, the average cost per click for a mobile ad is one US cent, compared to 5.4 cents in the UK.

The report was revealed just two days after BuzzCity announced that it will begin offering online advertising across PCs and laptops, in addition to its already established mobile advertising platform.

Lai added: “Cross-device surfing has now become the norm. The desktop and laptop remains and will continue to grow, alongside mobile, as part of the multi-device- world in which we live and work.

“Our experience of handling fragmented mobile devices makes the inclusion of PCs/laptops relatively straightforward and is a natural next step for BuzzCity. We are excited about this new comprehensive offering which will have real benefits for our advertisers.”

Smartphone penetration in India is 30 per cent, in the UK is 29 per cent and 41 per cent in Mexico.

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