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Vote for the best piece of work in our Creative Round-Up: Winners to be featured in 11 October issue of The Drum

The Drum, in association with Synergist, brings you a round-up of some of the latest interesting creative work.

Every week The Drum, in association with Synergist, publishes a selection of new creative work. Now you can vote for the work you like best with the winners to feature in the next issue of The Drum (11 October). Submit your vote before Wednesday 25 September to guarantee your favourite makes it into the printed magazine.

To submit work for future publication contact jen.faull@thedrum.com.

Creative Review: 

Mammal Design: Antler rebrand

Mammal Design: Antler rebrand

Brand: Antler
Title: Antler rebrand
Headline and copy text: New playful identity for Antler luggage

Agency: Mammal, London
Strategy: The Cernis Collective
Agency website: www.mammaldesign.com www.thecerniscollective.com
Creative Director: Joe Hosp
Art Director: Robin Powell
Copy writer: Robin Powell / The Cernis Collective
Photographer: Matthew Shave
Published: September 2013
Short rational: Antler recognised that it had lost its way over the last ten years and needed to re-energise the brand and give the business a more sophisticated look and feel. The new identity features a new logotype and marque. The previous marque used the stags head and antlers, which we felt were no longer relevant. It was very masculine and we wanted to appeal to women more than the previous identity did. The typeface we chose for the wordmarque – Harbour by Gareth Hague of Alias fonts, perfectly fitted what we wanted, when used in a new context with new imagery and language, adds a playful, cheeky but sophisticated twist to the brand. We needed a marque that was simple, so we used the A from the logotype placed in a circle – which seemed fitting for a brand that's all about movement.

Pearlfisher: re-design of SAB Miller’s Ursus beer

Pearlfisher: re-design of SAB Miller’s Ursus beer

Brand: Ursus
Title: Rebrand

Agency: Pearlfisher
Agency website: http://www.pearlfisher.com/our-work
Founding Partner & Chief Creative Officer: Jonathan Ford, Pearlfisher.
Creative Director: Sarah Cattle, Pearlfisher.
Technical Project Director: Henry Leeson, Pearlfisher.
Senior Strategist: Rory Fegan, Pearlfisher.
Client Services Director: Matt Small, Pearlfisher
Published: September 2013
Short Rationale: We created a unique graphic and structural design that is strong, progressive and masculine. The new structure features the bear claw marks on the sides of the bottle adding more character and texture and creating an innovative grip area that enhances the consumer experience. Ursus new iconic packaging identity and innovative structural design celebrates national pride and achievement and creates a new consumer experience taking the brand to an entirely new, more premium, level.

T&T: Mr Porter 'The Commute'

Brand: Mr Porter
Title: 'The Commute'

Agency: T&T
Agency website: http://www.tandtcreative.com/
Published: September 2013
Short Rational: The city streets are no longer empty, the subways are heaving with workers once more and there's even been a touch of frost already - that September post-holiday, back-to-school feeling has well and truly kicked in. However, that needn't be bleak news: this is the month of nailing those work resolutions, slipping into some new office-ready ensembles and getting ready to make a mark on the autumn. We took to the streets of London early one morning with 22-year-old award-winning free runner Mr Pip Andersen to demonstrate how the office commute needn't involve sitting in front of a wheel, standing in a queue or being squashed between fellow commuters. Admittedly, as you will witness, this form of transport might not suit everyone...

Corley Porter Bell: Perrier Jouët Nuit Blanche branding

Corley Porter Bell: Perrier Jouët Nuit Blanche branding

Brand: Perrier Jouët Nuit Blanche

Agency: Coley Porter Bell UK
Agency website www.cpb.co.uk/
Creative Director: Stephen Bell
Additional credits. Jo Gold, designer
Published: September 2013
Short rational (optional): Create branding for an edgy new ‘night time’ champagne from Perrier Jouët aimed at affluent young Americans.

Hype and Slippers: Howkapow.com website design

Hype and Slippers: Howkapow.com website design

Brand: Howkapow
Title: Website Re-Brand
Headline and copy text: New website design and re-brand for colourful online shop, Howkapow, by Bristol-based web design studio Hype & Slippers. Featuring photography from art director, Luke Albert.

Agency: Hype & Slippers
Agency website http://www.hypeandslippers.com/
Creative Director Cat How
Art Director Luke Albert
Copywriter Cat How
Photographer Luke Albert
Additional credits Hype & Slippers (new website design)
Published (month and year) September 2013
Short rational (optional) After 3 years of trading, Howkapow needed a brand re-alignment and new website and Hype & Slippers delivered the goods!

BBDO New York: General Electric 'The Future is Now' campaign ad

Brand: General Electric
Title: “The Future Is Now” campaign

Agency: BBDO New York
Agency Website: http://www.bbdo.com/
Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars
Producer: George Sholley
Copywriter: Laszlo Szloboda
Production Company: Chelsea
Director: David Gordon Green
Director of Photography: Simon Duggan
Visual Effects House: Framestore
Short Rational: Part of GE's “Brilliant Machines” campaign, which is about connecting Big Machines, Big Data and people to deliver human impact like never before in industries including aviation, rail and health, in this newest spot the time-travelling DeLorean from the movie “Back to the Future,” is featured along with the voice of Michael J. Fox. This new ad is focused on how GE is revolutionising power, using data predictably to power entire cities. In short, GE turbines of today will help power us all into the future. Like previous ads in the campaign, the spot closes with “Brilliant machines are transforming the way we work.”

SomeOne: Crystal Ski Holidays rebrand

SomeOne: Crystal Ski Holidays rebrand

Brand: Crystal Ski
Title: Relaunching the UK’s largest Ski & Snowboard Holiday Comapny

Agency: SomeOne, London, UK
Agency website www.SomeOneInLondon.com
Creative Director Simon Manchipp
Designer & Illustrator Max Longstaff
Published September 2013
Short rational : The new Crystal ski branding features an illustrated mountain landscape, a new flexible design system which can be assembled as required to work wherever customers are – whether that is in-resort, in-store, online or reading their favourite newspaper.
Crystal Ski Holidays intelligently recognised the entire sector’s reluctance to change. Their new brand strategy sets out to make it easier, quicker and more rewarding for holiday makers to get the most out of their ski or snowboard trip. This flips the mindset of the organisation from a sales practice to a shop of choice. Now, you can do what you want, when you want, making for more memorable holidays. The new visual brand identity is a way of helping people navigate and make these choices at a glance.

Elmwood: Morrisons 'Just for Kids' packaging design

Elmwood: Morrisons 'Just for Kids' packaging design

Brand: Morrisons
Title: Morrisons launch new brands for kids, food range Just for Kids
Headline and copy text: Morrisons launch new brand for kids, food range Just for Kids

Agency: Elmwood
Agency website: www.elmwood.com
Senior Design Director: Chris Jackson
Designer: Rob Skelly
Illustrator: James Walker
Photographer: Angus McDonald
Copywriter: Morrisons/Liz O'Connor.

Brand: The Payments Council
Title: Simpler World

Agency: Engine agencies with creative led by Partners Andrews Aldridge
Agency website: http://www.enginecreative.co.uk/
Creative director: Steve Aldridge
Copywriter: Ross Newton
Art director: Richard Worrow
Media agency: The 7Stars
Production company: Not to scale
Directors: Pierre + Bertrand
Post-production: Rushes
Music production/track: Patrick Stemelen
Audio post-production: Ollie Usher @ Scramble
Short Rationale: Engine’s advertising campaign draws on the behavioural traits of the featured animated characters to emphasise the key benefits of the service in comparison to the past. A feathered flying squad of birds represents the speed and efficiency of the new service and the automatic transfer of payments from a customer’s old account to their new one, a highly organised ladybird demonstrates the new opportunity for customers to choose the switch date that suits them and the seamless transformation from caterpillar to butterfly of the central character defines the hassle-free nature of the new Current Account Switch Service. Finishing the television advert with the butterfly landing on top of the Current Account Switch Service Guarantee Trustmark informs customers of what they should be looking out for if they want to switch,

Blacksheep: Jamie’s Trattoria branding and design

Blacksheep: Jamie’s Trattoria branding and design

Brand: Jamie’s Trattoria
Title: Blacksheep designs Jamie's Trattoria, Richmond
Headline and copy text: Blacksheep designs Jamie's Trattoria, Richmond

Agency: Blacksheep
Agency website www.blacksheep.uk.com
Creative lead: Founder & CEO of Blacksheep Tim Mutton
Published: September 2013
Rationale: The tenth restaurant Blacksheep has designed for Jamie Oliver over a four-year period, the agency was tasked with a no ‘design approach’ as the brand sought to create something relaxed and laid back that would appeal to the local Richmond community.

WCRS: Sky Fibre Broadband Toy Story advert

Brand: Sky
Title: Sky Fibre Broadband Toy Story advert

Agency: WCRS
Agency website: http://www.wcrs.com/
Client Creative Director – Barry Skolnick
Client team – Carli Farmer, Lyssa McGowan
Agency Executive Creative Director - Leon Jaume
Agency Creative Director - Simon Robinson
Agency Creatives - David Dearlove and Richard Nott
Agency Producers - Hannah Needham and Eliot Liss
Agency Account Team - Anna Covell, Sarah Barber, Mike Stern

BBDO Moscow: New anti-smoking social project

BBDO Moscow: New anti-smoking social project

Agency: BBDO Moscow
Agency website: http://bbdogroup.ru/about/agency/bbdomoscow/
Art-director: Alexey Starodubov
Client Services Director: Katherina Guvakova
Account executive: Ksenia Rubtsova
Project Manager: Konstantin Usatov
Senior designer: Timophei Ilyen
Short Rationale: We want to show people that it's better to be strong enough and give up smoking now instead of finding out life-threatening illnesses later. Today in Russia we can see a definite progress in the fight against tobacco. New anti-smoking law that is active in many countries became legal in Russia just this summer. We believe: our society is changing step by step. We want to support this trend by social advertising.

The Brand Agency: MSWA awareness campaign

The Brand Agency: MSWA awareness campaign

Brand: The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Western Australia
Title: With MS you never know what’s coming next.
Headline and copy text: Help us stand up to MS. Donate at MSWA.org.au

Agency: The Brand Agency, Perth, Australia
Agency website: http://www.brandagency.com.au/
Creative Director: Garry Horner
Art Director: David Donald
Illustrator: Nicola Commons
Copy writer: Leandra Fallis
Photographer: Craig Buchanan
Additional credits Client: Taryn Mokrzycki
Published: August, 2013

Project Eddy: Fish N Fishy branding and packaging design

Project Eddy: Fish N Fishy branding and packaging design

Brand: Fish n Fishy
Title: Simly Delicious Mate
Headline: Branding, website design, promotion, marketing

Agency: Project Eddy, Seoul, Korea
Agency Website: http://projecteddy.co.kr/

Droga5: Motorola Moto X ads

Brand: Motorola
Title: Lazy Phone—Moto X Product Launch

Agency: Droga5 NY/ Digitas
Agency website: http://www.droga5.com/ http://www.digitas.com/
Chief Creative Officer: Ted Royer
Executive Creative Director: Neil Heymann
Group Creative Director: Mike Long
Creative Directors: Scott Bell / Tim Gordon
Production CompanyFurlined
Editorial: Cut + Run
Post Production: The Mill
Sound: Sonic Union
Published: September 2013
Rationale: Three humorous spots – ‘Music’, ‘Meeting’ and ‘Play’ – aim to show how features on the new Moto X are better than the features and services provided by other devices.

BBDO New York: The National September 11 Memorial and Museum's 'A Day to Remember' campaign

Brand: The National September 11 Memorial & Museum
Title: 'Day to remember'

Agency BBDO New York
Agency website: http://www.bbdo.com/
Executive Creative Director: Greg Hahn
Executive Creative Director: Mike Smith
ACD/Art Director: Marcel Yunes
ACD/Copywriter: Rick Williams
Production Company: Brand New School, New York
Executive Creative Director:Jonathan Notaro
Published: September 2013
Short Rational: The National September 11 Memorial and Museum was conceived to honuor the lives of the thousands of men and women who lost their lives on that day in 2001, However, after 12 years, it’s become easy for some folks to forget what happened on that fateful day. In an effort to encourage people to take a day to pause…take a day to reflect…take a day to bear witness…to take a day to remember the day that changed us forever, the 9/11 Memorial launched a new public awareness campaign. TV features the voiceover of Robert De Niro, and drives people to www.911memorial.org where they can learn more.

McCann Worldwide: Zurich Insurance

McCann Worldwide: Zurich Insurance

Brand: Zurich Insurance
Title: For those who truly love

Advertising Agency: McCann Worldgroup, Europe
Agency website: http://www.mccannworldgroup.com/
Global Creative Director: Miguel Bemfica
Executive Creative Directors: Lee Tan, RachidAhouiyek
Creatives: Cristina Caballeros, Pedro Piqueras
Managing Director: Marina Specht
Account Handlers: Petra Stachowiak
Agency Producer: John Cheesmore
Director: Augustin Alberti
Production Company: Stink London
Published: September 2013

Gross Gestalten: Olami branding and packaging design

Gross Gestalten: Olami branding and packaging design

Brand: OLAMI
Headline and copy text: Award-winning & handcrafted Mini-salami, served in havanna-boxes

Agency: großgestalten Kommunikations design, Cologne, Germany
Agency website: www.grossgestalten.de
Creative Director: Tobias Groß
Art Director: Dominik Kirgus
Illustrator: André Gottschalk
Copy writer: Terrortext
Photographer: großgestalten
Published: September 2013
Short Rationale: Olami is a handmade mini salami from the Eifel with different flavours.The design includes the wooden box with branded logo, the mechanical copper closure, the Banda Role for tearing, the elegant, uncluttered typography, the reduced layout, the hand-drawn pig illustrations and the rough natural paper that covers. The powerful colours based on the recipe of handmade mini salami. All elements of the Packagings are finely tuned and give the product a young, and at the same time, quality and modern expression. We have also designed the website: www.olami.de.

Jam: Samsung 'The Grandma of Rock' ad

Brand: Samsung
Title: Mary Ho - The Grandma of Rock

Agency: Jam
Agency website: www.spreadingjam.com
Client: Samsung Mobile UK
Executive Creative Director: Wayne Deakin
Creative Director: Chris De Abreu
Head of Film: Drew Wolf
Lead Agency Producer: Veronica Saez
Creatives: Luke Norton, Drew Wolf
Production Company: Annex Films
Director: John X Carey
Editor: Annex Films
Published: August, 2013
Short rational: Meet Grandma Mary in the second instalment of our Companion Stories video series. 77 years old and still playing blues guitar, she's entertaining her family and bringing joy to millions online. Enjoy her remarkable story and hear how her music has brought her family together - showing her grandchildren that they are never too old to follow their dreams. We join Grandma Mary in Singapore to see how she stays connected and inspires those around her in her using the GALAXY S4, Sound and Shot and Group Play.

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