Helen Mirren, Tracy Emin & Ellie Goulding amongst stars of new M&S campaign

M&S has revealed the identity of a dozen high-flying women who will front a big budget advertising campaign courtesy of a photograph picturing the 12 stars assembled at a Buckinghamshire hotel.

Rumoured to have set the retailer back upwards of £100k alone the snap features Dame Helen Mirren surrounded by other high fliers; including Ellie Goulding as well as singers Twiggy and Danii Minogue.

One of their numbers has stoked controversy amongst followers of the High Street brand however, with many registering their displeasure at the selection of Tracy Emin, whose wild antics aren’t felt to be in keeping with M&S’s family-friendly image.

Describing the work as ‘modern portraiture’ M&S marketing director Steven Sharp said that the campaign amounted to a bid to be ‘taken seriously’ in the market – and presumably arrest a two year dry spell of declining sales.

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