Clarks Clear Honey unveils brand identity with Leahy Brand Design

Clarks Clear Honey has unveiled its identity, packaging and advertising, created by Leahy Brand Design, as it is set to launch over the coming month.

LBD, who have been working with Clarks on its maple syrup range, were briefed to produce a design and swing tag for a 340g-glass jar and 250g squeezy bottles as well as A4 press advertisements.

Tim Leahy, managing director and founding partner of Leahy Brand Design, said: "The new Clarks It! brand positioning directed our creative approach for Clarks Honey. LBD created a simple, approachable, fun design and tone of voice for a category that has become rather worthy and 'stuck together' on purity message. The iconic splat illustration we used for the Maple Syrup range was extended across to a flower head and British bee. It's a more relaxed and informal approach that supports Clarks new product range and we are confident it will appeal to retailers and consumers alike."

LBD worked to promote the brand’s USP of blending British honey, as well as actively supporting the British Bee Farmers.

CEO and founder Bob Clark said: "We realised that no one else produces a blended honey that contains British honey and we saw a great opportunity to be first to market. It was crucial that we had a brand and design that would stand out on shelf against the established players and communicate to consumers that they were getting British honey how they like it, clear and runny."

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