27 July 2013 - 11:38am | posted by

Ad of the Day: Skoda - More Power

Visually, this cuts through other car advertising like a hot knife through butter, using souped-up symbols of suburbia to drive home the idea that this ride is a lot more powerful than it used to be. The slack-jawed admiration yielded from the people involved aren't necessarily the type you want to impress... and just because they recognise the car is more macho than any of their steroidal power-hoses, prams and ice cream vans, it's not exactly a siren call to go out and purchase a new Octavia. Is this a slightly under-confident acknowledgement that the brand still isn't seen as a serious proposition by a lot of punters? That's not necessarily a problem... as long as the the audience they're aiming at 'gets it' the same way an earlier generation 'got' VW. Agency: Fallon Creative Director: Santiago Lucero Creative: Sam McCluskey / Becca Pottinger TV Producer: Tracy Stokes Production Co: Caviar Director: Keith Schofield Producer: Petra Ondrekjova Photography: Damian Acevedo Production Designer: Henry Boraros Post Production: UPP (Prague) Editing House: Marshall Street Editors Editor: Tim Thornton-Allan Audio: Sound Square (Prague)

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