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VCCP: Compare the Market 'Duets' TV ad

Brand: Compare the Market

Title(s): Duet

Agency: VCCP, London, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Darren Bailes

Creative: Jonathan Thake

Photographer: Oliver Cariou

Additional Credits: TV Producer: Larissa Miola

Production Company: Passion Pictures, HSI London

Director: Simon Cole, Darren Walsh

Grading: Finish

Audio: Grand Central

Sound Designer: Ben Leeves

adam+eveddb: Walls 'Goodbye Serious' print ad

Brand: Walls

Title(s): Goodbye Serious

Agency: adam+eveddb, London, UK

Agency website:

Photographer: Sue Parkhill

Additional Credits: CGI & Post Production: Taylor James

Published: July 2013

Robot Food: Stoats Porridge rebrand

Brand: Stoats

Title(s): Rebrand

Headline and copy text (in English): Porridge To The People!

Agency: Robot Food, Leeds, England

Agency website:

Creative Director: Simon Forster

Art Director: Martin Widdowfield

Copywriter: Simon Forster

Illustrator: Martin Widdowfield

Photographer: Martin Widdowfield

Additional credits: Julia Allan, Mike Shaw

Published: June 2013

Short rationale (optional): Stoats Porridge has unveiled a major rebrand, masterminded by specialist consultancy, Robot Food. Stoats is a Scottish oats company with a passion for all things porridge and a focus on oat innovation. The company approached Robot Food due to its expertise in developing brand personality. The brief was to build upon the compelling brand story adding vibrancy and ownable IP to the packaging.

Formed in 2005, Stoats converted an American hot dog trailer, to sell hot porridge with generous, natural, tasty toppings at summer music festivals. The young company went on to develop a range of retail products including the world’s first porridge oat bars, which include favorite flavour combinations that have helped the brand to grow. With the porridge aisle leaders focusing on traditional brand values as a worthy proposition, Stoats found a gap in the market for a vibrant, young company that would push the porridge bandwagon.

Bluemarlin: Extreme Sport and Extreme Energy brand packaging

Brand: Extreme

Title(s): Extreme Sport, Extreme Energy

Agency: Bluemarlin, Bath, UK

Agecny website:

Creative Director: Chris Hart

Published: July 2013

Short Rationale (optional): Guided by the big idea of ‘Raw Rebellion,’ Extreme’s graphics reflect the razor-edged sensibilities of street art and graffiti. The design fits seamlessly into the world that the urban dreamer knows, inhabits and thrives in - skate parks; BMX trails off-the-beaten path, and exotic surf tribes. Working in perfect sync with the graphics, Extreme’s unique structure continues to reinforce the brand’s push-the-limits personality.

Look, Touch & Feel: Fever UK branding

Brand: Fever UK 

Title(s): Fever UK Branding

Headline and copy text (in English): Fever UK. LTF was delighted to be engaged by Fever UK, and thoroughly enjoyed the collaborative process and challenging brief to create this contemporary branding design. 

Agency: Look, Touch & Feel, Northamptonshire, UK.

Agency website:

Creative Director: Rick O'Neill, FRSA

Art Director: Matt Holland

Copywriter: Chris Street

Illustrator: Andie Jackman

Photographer: Andy Lee

Additional credits: Pixel, Security Director

Published: 2012

Simon Langlois: Swing Microbrewery packaging

Brand: Swing Microbrewery

Title(s): Swing Microbrewery Branding

Agency:, Montréal, Canada.

Agency website:

Art Director: Simon Langlois

Photographer: Simon Langlois

Published: April 2013

Mother: IKEA 'Make Small Spaces Big' TV creative

Brand: IKEA

Title(s): Make Small Spaces Big

Agency: Mother, London, UK

Agency website:

Additional Credits: Production Company: Riff Raff Films

Director: Megaforce

Producer: Cathy Hood/Matthew Fone

Post Production: Finish

Editing House: Final Cut

Editor: Joe Guest

Published: July 2013

Saint Bernadine Mission Communications Inc.: Doug Liddle Business Cards

Brand: Doug Liddle Guitar Instruction

Title(s): Doug Liddle Business Cards

Agency: Saint Bernadine Mission Communications Inc., Vancouver, Canada

Agency website:

Creative Director: David Walker & Andrew Samuel

Art Director: Rory O'Sullivan

Copywriter: Jessica Mori

Illustrator: Rory O'Sullivan

Additional credits: Production Artist: Lisa Blackburn

Account Services: Jennifer Reynolds

Published: 2012

Short rationale (optional): These business cards introduce the fun of learning to play the guitar within moments of holding them. Raised thermographic printing adds a nice dimension to the guitar chord diagram and serves as tactile indicators for accurate finger placement.

Oloramara Branding & Packaging Design: The Cuckie Fam Branding & Packaging Design

Brand: The Cuckie Fam

Title(s): The Cuckie Fam Branding & Packaging Design

Agency: Oloramara Branding & Packaging Design, Gijón, Asturias, Spain

Agency website:

Creative Director: Mara Rodríguez

Art Director: Mara Rodríguez

Illustrator: Mara Rodríguez

Short Rationale (optional): New branding and packaging for a new flavoured cookies brand.

The Cuckie Fam is a sweet handmade family, cooked with the best ingredients that will be loved for everyone.

Iris: Dominos app campaign

Brand: Dominos

Title(s): Dominos Pizza: Street

Agency: Iris, London, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Andy Taylor

Creatives: Tian Murphy, Carly Williams

Photographer/Retoucher: Parker Biley

Additional Credits: Producer: Jaina Minton

Account Director: Venetia Tabor

Published: July 2013

Stocks Taylor Benson: Antalis Review 2012/13

Brand: Antalis Limited

Title(s): The Review 2012/13

Agency: Stocks Taylor Benson, Leicestershire

Agency website:

Creative Director: Glenn Taylor

Additional Credits: Senior Designer: Lois Blackhurst

Published: June 2013

Short Rationale (optional): Stocks Taylor Benson has designed the invites, brochure and certificates to complete the set of material for the Antalis Review 2012/13 awards ceremony at Abbey Roads Studios. The brochure, containing all the recognised entries, is reminiscent of a 12 inch vinyl record, complete with sleeve and laminated die-cut cover featuring a new addition to the Antalis creative papers range - Curious Matter Black Truffle. Invites designed to be reminiscent of low cost gig posters were printed in black onto a variety of brightly coloured Antalis papers to create a striking and simple brand look. This also allowed for some nice personalisation to create a sense of anticipation for this prestigious event. The ceremony was held on the 20th June at Abbey Road Studios and included a chance to sign the Abbey Road Wall, have your picture taken on the famous crossing, and more importantly, featured a large array of outstanding print design.

Look, Touch & Feel: LikeMinders Branding

Brand: LikeMinders

Title(s): LikeMinders Branding

Headline and copy text (in English): LikeMinders. LTF was delighted to be engaged by LikeMinders, and thoroughly enjoyed the collaborative process and challenging brief to create this contemporary branding design. 

Agency: Look, Touch & Feel, Northamptonshire, UK.

Agency website:

Creative Director: Rick O'Neill, FRSA

Art Director: Matt Holland

Copywriter: Chris Street

Illustrator: Andie Jackman

Photographer: Andy Lee

Additional credits: Pixel, Security Director

Published: 2012

Bunch: Willow Tree brand identity

Brand: Willow Tree

Title(s): Willow Tree

Agency: Bunch, London, United Kingdom

Agency website:

Creative Director: Denis Kovac

Additional credits: Spencer Charles

Published: July 2013

Short Rationale (optional): Bunch has designed a new but traditional looking identity for Willow Tree, London’s leading business consultancy.

Bunch worked in close collaboration with typographer Spencer Charles to develop a bespoke WT monogram, which was executed as a mix of embosses, carved in seals and simulated watermarks – achieved with an oil-based ink – across purple cloth, black leather, slightly structured Fedrigoni Sirio Color stock and handmade coffee pottery, the solution embraces a crafted sensibility alongside a more contemporary use of space and type.

RKCR/Y&R: Landrover British & Irish Lions congratulatory ad

Brand: Landrover

Title(s): The Lions have been fed

Headline and copy text (in English): The Lions have been fed. Congratulations to The British & Irish Lions on their successful Tour of Australia.

Agency: RKCR/Y&R, London, UK

Agency website:

Executive Creative Director: Mark Roalfe

Art Director: Tim Brookes

Copywriter: Phil Forester

Photographer: Patrice De Villiers

Published: July 2013

M&C Saatchi: BeatBullying MindFull TV and print launch

Brand: BeatBullying Group

Titles(s): MindFull launch

Agency: M&C Saatchi, London, UK

Agency website:

Art Director: Orlando Warner & Joe Miller

Copywriter: Orlando Warner & Joe Miller

Additional Credits: Planner: Howard Miller

Media Agency: Mediacom

Production Company: th1ng

Directors: Will Barras & Shay Hamias

Design Direction: Will Barras, Shay Hamais & Yui Hamahashira

Producer: Milana Karaica

Executive Producer: Dominic Buttimore

Grade: Danny Atkinson

Published: July 2013

BrandOpus: Tangerine Confectionery's Candyland

Brand: Candyland

Title(s): BrandOpus helps Tangerine Confectionery look to the future with the creation of Candyland

Headline and copy text (in English): BrandOpus has worked with the UK’s leading independent manufacturer of sugar confectionery, Tangerine, to create Candyland, a single consumer-facing brand that will consolidate their wide portfolio of sugar confectionery brands, including Wham Bars. Working with the key theme of “embracing nonsense”, BrandOpus has created the concept of Candyland, a magical world where all sweets come from in the form of brand identity, packaging and point of sale materials.

Agency: BrandOpus, London, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Paul Taylor

Design Director: Kate Jones

Illustrator: BrandOpus in collaboration with Jelly London

Additional Credits: Account Director: Nicky Rubins

Account Manager: Ali Dawkins

Published: July 2013

Short Rationale (optional): BrandOpus were briefed to create a new brand that unifies Tangerine’s sugar confectionery portfolio in order to maximize growth potential. The portfolio was previously divided between many diverse but deeply cherished and recognisable products such as Dip Dab & Refreshers under brand names such as Princess, Barratt and Henry Goode.

From the brief it was clear that the agency needed to create an evocative brand; one that offered sweets to transport the consumer back to the bright, innocent happiness of childhood.

Working with the key theme of “embracing nonsense”, BrandOpus created the concept of Candyland, a magical world where all sweets come from. The visual identity is represented by the fantastical airship, ever present on and off pack, transporting the consumer to Candyland, and between the different areas within.

The agency segmented and named the ranges by a product type and attributed them a ‘zone’ within Candyland, such as Refreshers Reef, Olde Town, Cosy Meadows and Wham Planet. This allows the ranges to each deliver their different propositions, whilst still sitting under a unified, single brand. Each range has its own distinctive look, feel and recognisable colourway to aid portfolio navigation.

The new identity allows the brand to be immediately recognisable, contributing a positive halo effect of the brand values across the entire portfolio which encourages consumer cross purchase. Candyland affords strong brand standout and ease of navigation for the consumer at point of retail.

AMV BBDO: Eurostar Tour de France press ad

Brand: Eurostar

Title(s): Tour de France

Headline and copy text (in English): Can British cycling triomphe at L’Arc a second time? The final stage. 21 July, 2013, Paris

Agency: AMV BBDO, London, UK

Agency website:

Art Director: Richard Littler

Copywriter: Zac Ellis

Additional Credits: Agency Planner: Sarah Sternberg

Agency Accounts: Tom Shattock, Emily Elson

Project Manager: Sarah Benson

Media Agency: Arena

Media Planner: Anna Beynon

Published: July 2013

VCCP: Telefonica O2 Be More Dog campaign

Brand: Telefonica, O2

Title(s): Be More Dog

Agency: VCCP, London, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Darren Bailes

Creative: Nathaniel White, Daniel Glover-James, Ben Daly and Elias Torres

Photographer: Damien Acevedo

Additional Credits: TV Producer: Catherine Long

Production Company: Caviar

Director: Keith Schofield

Producer: Shirley O’Connor

Executive Producer: Sorcha Shepherd, Anna Smith, James Sorton

Post Production: MPC

Editing House: Marshall Street Editors

Editor: Patric Ryan

Published: July 2013

Look, Touch & Feel: Fish Spa Branding

Brand: Fish Spa

Title(s): Fish Spa Branding

Headline and copy text (in English): Fish Spa. LTF was delighted to be engaged by Fish Spa, and thoroughly enjoyed the collaborative process and challenging brief to create this contemporary branding design. 

Agency: Look, Touch & Feel, Northamptonshire, UK.

Agency website:

Creative Director: Rick O'Neill, FRSA

Art Director: Matt Holland

Copywriter: Chris Street

Illustrator: Andie Jackman

Photographer: Andy Lee

Additional credits: Pixel, Security Director

Published: 2012

Peck & Co.: Lulu Cake Boutique Branding, Logo & Packaging Design

Brand: Lulu Cake Boutique

Title(s): Branding, Logo & Packaging Design

Agency: Peck & Co., Nashville, TN, USA

Agency website:

Creative Director: Benji Peck

Art Director: Benji Peck

Copywriter: Joy Sarnacke

Illustrator: Benji Peck

Photographer: Grin & Grain

Additional Credits: Production: Rex Runyeon

Published: July 2013

Short Rationale (optional): They make masterpieces that also happen to be unmatched in flavour. They are obsessed with detail, artistry and flavour. And it shows. Cakes in all shapes and sizes for all types of occasions, crafted and coaxed to exquisite perfection, Lulu Cake Boutique gives us a reason to celebrate more often. Life is truly better with cake.

TBWA\G1: Nissan 'Feel the Surge' print ads

Brand: Nissan

Title(s): Feel the Surge

Agency: TBWA\G1, TBWA, London, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Rudi Anggono

Creatives: David Hobbs, Richard Stoney and Nick Cooper

Photographer: Christopher Griffith

Additional Credits: Strategic Director: Filippo Del’Osso

Account Management: Ewan Veitch, Alexandra Johnson, Eva Gotteland, Caroline Allard and Gaëlle Guillou

Art Buyer: Marie Moulin

Retouching: We Folk

Published: July 2013

Wieden+Kennedy: Honda 'Hands' campaign

Brand: Honda

Title(s): Hands

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, London, UK

Executive Creative Directors: Tony Davidson and Kim Papworth

Executive Creative Director: Chirs O’Reilly

Creatives: Chris Lapham and Aaron McGurk

Additional Credits: Producer: James Guy

Client Services: Laura McGauran and Paulo Salomao

Production Company: Nexus

Directors: Smith & Foulkes

Producer: Tracey Cooper

Production Assistant: Fernanda Garcia Lopez

Director of Photography: Clive Norman

Editorial Company: Trim Editing

Editors: Paul Hardcastle and David Slade

VFX Company: Nexus Productions & Analog

Tremendous Designs Studio: Greenpeace Shard climb poster

Brand: Greenpeace

Headline copy and text (in English): Keep Calm and Climb on the Shard. It’s Europe’s tallest skyscraper and Greenpeace has scaled the Shard to Save the Arctic.

Agency: Tremendous Designs Studio, Bristol, United Kingdom

Creative Director: Iulian Miereanu

Art Director: Iulian Miereanu

Copywriter: Iulian Miereanu

Photographer: Iulian Miereanu

Published: July 2013

Booth Creative: Coastal Communities Museum Open for The Open Exhibition and Coastal Communities Museum Brand Identity

Brand: Coastal Communities Museum

Title(s): Open for The Open Exhibition

Headline and copy text (in English): Open for The Open exhibition poster and marketing for the Coastal Communities Museum first exhibition to tie in with The Open Golf Championship taking place locally.

Agency: Booth Creative, Edinburgh, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: David Booth

Art Director: David Booth

Copywriter: David Booth

Illustrator: David Booth

Published: July 2013

Firmalt: La Catería visual identity

Brand: La Catería

Agency: Firmalt, Monterrey, México

Agency website:

Creative Director: Manuel Llaguno

Art Director: Francisco Puente:

Photographer: Homero Ruiz

Published: July 2013

Short rationale (optional): La Catería is a catering company that serves a variety of beautifully crafted courses and pastries. Our goal was to align the brand with the special care that was given to the preparation and presentation of each of their dishes

The concept of the brand was inspired on small European street markets, where a variety of textures, styles, forms and colors blend together to create a unique experience that feels warm and inviting.

Special care was taken to give the brand classical roots with a modern execution. The result is a refined identity with fresh features that give emphasis to their delightful execution.

Chapter: Halfords campaign

Brand: Halfords

Title(s): Jonny, Rich and Simon

Headline and copy text (in English): “Halfords?”

We thought it might come as a shock. now had 15,000 parts, accessories and clothing lines from 185 leading specialist brands. Plus, there’s next working day delivery direct to you, as well as free collection from over 440 Halfords stores. No name does more to get you out there.

Agency: Chapter, Birmingham, UK

Agency website:

Creative Directors: Ian Boulter and Martin Heffernan

Art Directors/Copywriters: Paul Ray and Richard Newell

Photographer: Martin Brent

Designer: Nick Castle

Published: June 2013

Short Rationale (optional): With cycling becoming a major part of British sport post 2012, we wanted serious riders to re-appraise the Halfords brand. For many, Halfords was the place they got their first bike. Now they’re more serious about bikes, we wanted to show them Halfords are too. They can now get the brands the love from a name they can trust but didn’t expect.

Savvy Studio: Taller38 branding

Brand: Taller38

Title(s): Taller38 brand identity

Agency: Savvy Studio, San Pedro Garca García Nuevo León México

Agency website:

Creative Director: Savvy Studio

Art Director Savvy Studio

Published: July 2013

Colourful: The Family and Childcare Trust visual identity

Brand: Family and Childcare Trust

Title(s): Corporate identity

Agency: Colourful Design Strategy

Agency website:

Brand Consultant: Emily Penny

Art Director: Phillip Southgate

Copywriter: Victoria Flint

Illustrator: Phillip Southgate

Photographer: Nick David

Published: July 2013

Short rationale (optional): New consultancy Colourful Design Strategy has created the visual identity for Family and Childcare Trust. The new look launched at a reception at the House of Lords on Tuesday 16 July. The design draws on the charity’s values: always intelligent and pioneering, while at the same time approachable and grounded in the realities of family life. The central motif in the visual identity is a graphic pin-wheel which was selected because it is a positive symbol of childhood. The shape is used to represent diverse family structures, and provides the starting point for a geometric visual language which is toned up or down to suit either community or policy audiences.

WCRS: Sky Broadband 'Telling Stelling' TV commerical

Brand: Sky Broadband

Title(s): Telling Stelling

Agency: WCRS, London, UK

Agency website:

Client Creative Director: Barry Skolnick

Creative Directors: Simon Robinson

Creatives: Ben Brazier and Jonny Ruthven

Additional Credits: Client Management Team: Lyssa, McGowan, Carli Farmer, Lizzie Chasemore

Agency Producer: Sally Lipsius

Account Handling: Jonathan Campbell, Mike Stern, Ben Spencer

Media Agency: Mediacom

Production Company: 76Ltd

Director: Peter Lydon

Producer: Cathy Hood

Editor: Spencer Ferszt @ Marshall Street

Post-Production: Finish

Audio: Grand Central

Published: July 2013

lg2boutique: Chocolates Favoris logo, packaging, staff apparel and retail outlet layout

Brand: Chocolats Favoris

Title(s): Logo, packaging, staff apparel and retail outlet layout for Chocolats Favoris

Agency: lg2boutique, Québec

Agency website:

Vice President Creative Director, Design: Jacques de Varennes

Illustrator: Anthony Verge

Additional Credits: Designers: Mira Gauthier, Sonia Delisle

Strategic Planning: Catherine Darius

Account Services: Mireille Côté, Sandie Lafleur

Infography: David Boivin, Marie-Ève Roussy

Print Production: Julie Pichette

Published: April 2013

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