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David Cameron urged to sack strategist over tobacco industry lobbying links

Lynton CrosbyLynton Crosby

David Cameron is under pressure to sack his election strategist Lynton Crosby over his links with the tobacco industry, following the government's controversial decision to scrap plans to introduce plain packaging on cigarettes.

The Observer today reports that senior Liberal Democrats, including former health minister Paul Burstow, are calling for Crosby to quit or be fired by Cameron after it emerged that his lobbying firm works for global tobacco giant Philip Morris.

The paper claims other Lib Dems have made it clear they will fight to have Crosby, who has been the Tories' chief strategist since last autumn, removed from any role in which he can influence health policy.

Philip Morris, one of the major tobacco companies, confirmed it had employed Crosby's lobbying and communications firm CTF to give it advice "on a range of matters" since November.

Steven Williams, Liberal Democrat MP and chairman of the all-party group on smoking and health, told the Observer is was a "massive conflict of interest" to have Crosby at the heart of government.

He said: "The prime minister should be considering whether he believes Crosby's position is tenable."

Cameron has stressed that Crosby is only employed by the Conservative Party - not the government - and does not lobby him on policy.


14 Jul 2013 - 17:04
nisakiman's picture

To start with, there WERE NO PLANS to introduce plain packaging. So the government 'scrapped' nothing.

What they did do was to have a public consultation on the issue, with the result that an overwhelming majority (64%) came out AGAINST the idea.

The zealots, of course, are spitting feathers that they were unable to prevail against the opinion of the majority, so they are setting Crosby up as a scapegoat.

The Tobacco Control Industry (of which 'Public Health' is a part) are getting desperate. Their 'economy with the actualité' is starting to become apparent even to the man in the street, despite the countless millions of taxpayer's money they've poured into the propaganda machine.

The trouble is, when you start telling people that they will die from a wisp of tobacco smoke, but years later there are no body bags with the 'victims', people start to notice. Have you checked Google to see how many people have as their cause of death "Exposure to Second-Hand Smoke"?

No need. There are none.

"Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive."


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