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Coca-Cola and Music Dealers extend music partnership for emerging artists

Coca-Cola and Music Dealers extend music partnership for emerging artists Coca-Cola and Music Dealers extend music partnership for emerging

Coca-Cola and Music Dealers are ramping up their commitment to breaking emerging music artists by widening their distribution to the drinks giant’s digital network.

The new platform, called ‘52 Songs of Happiness’ will help showcase 52 global, emerging artists across Coca-Cola’s digital channels which have a combined audience of more than 70 million worldwide.

The move will see Music Dealers invite more than 20,000 unsigned artists to submit tracks which incorporate the five-note Coca-Cola motif, while “staying true” to their authentic sound.

‘52 Songs of Happiness’ forms part of the Coca-Cola and Spotify Placelists app, designed to help music discovery via creating and sharing playlists tagged to locations.

Simon Katz from indie pop band Youngblood Hawke said the initiative gives emerging acts an “incredible” way to reach large numbers of potential fans.

“Acts are always looking for new ways to get their music heard, outside of the traditional channels. This works for everybody.”

Founder and CEO of Music Dealers Eric Sheinkop said: “We are really challenging existing industry models with ‘52 Songs of Happiness’. Music Dealers has generated over $10m for unsigned artists in the last three years: brand partnerships and the use of brand networks have become a valid and powerful way to break new bands”.

Using the scale and reach of global brand networks helps unsigned artists bypass the traditional label model which means they can break into the music scene much faster.

’52 Songs of Happiness’ will roll out a track every week for a year.

Coca-Cola’s new ‘slimline’ cans for Coke, Diet Coke and Coke Zero are to feature Spotify's branding in a bid to promote the platform's ‘PlaceLists’ app.

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