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Man's identity, data & life stolen for amazing video to highlight ease of online data theft in latest campaign from Duval Guillaume

A campaign to promote safe online banking has been released, featuring one man literally taking over the identity of another having garnered financial information he has willingly handed out.

The online video, created by Duval Guillaume Modem, features a real victim, who’s identity and financial details are stolen, along with his social media profile, eBay profile and personal appearance through an impressive make-up job as the viewer is presented with how simple identity theft has become with the victim’s life being literally taken stolen also.

The video is being used to drive viewers to the www.safeinternetbanking.be website where tips for using internet banking safely are available.

Meanwhile, Kris Hoet, change architect and head of digital at Duval Guillaume Modem, appeared at The Drum Live where he discussed how the briefing document itself hadn’t changed much over time. Instead, he said, the mindset on generating conversations had changed, which meant that agency solutions had as well.

Hoet explained that he saw his agency's role as "provoking conversations about brands and specifically the values they should own" and for anyone even slightly familiar with his agency's work, such as 2012's 'Push to Add Drama' work for Belgian TV channel TNT, provocation is something the agency achieves in buckets.

"Some people call it 'prankvertising'," Hoet said, "but I don't think that is a good description."

He continued to explain that his agency created work that people could relate to. "You can imagine what it would have been like to be there," he said in reference to the TNT campaign viral that saw a big red push button on an average Flemish square of an average Flemish town, and the drama which ensued when a passer-by pushed it. "You can imagine how you would have reacted."

Duval Guillaume is the agency behind a similar campaign for the Belgian financial centre, Febelfin, pretending to use a mind reader who has actually hacked his victim's online data to research his information.

More on Hoet’s appearance at The Drum Live can be read in the upcoming issue released on 19 June.

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