Google Glass captures live fight and arrest - and nobody knows they're being filmed

Documentary filmmaker and Google Glass explorer Chris Barrett has captured the device's first fight and arrest on film, calling it a "huge step" for citizen journalism.

Barrett took his glasses for a walk along the New Jersey boardwalk on 4 July to film fireworks but soon found himself in the middle of a fight.

Glass picked up the scrap and an arrest on camera with nobody in the vicinity aware that it was being recorded by the wearable computer.

Barrett told VentureBeat: "I walked right up, saw a crowd forming and people were saying a fight was going on.

"With Glass I went closer to the action than I probably should have and saw a couple fights going on. I think I got the first arrest with Google Glass... kinda cool!"

The recording is sure to add further fuel to the debate around Google Glass and privacy - throughout the 4.25 video nobody who appears in the recording seems aware of Barrett's camera. Barrett said just two people stopped him on the boardwalk throughout his trip to the 4 July celebrations to enquire about what he was wearing.

He adds that Glass is a "huge step" for citizen journalism, saying: "If Google Glass takes off, everyone's going to have their entire life captured."

As privacy and security top the news agenda in the wake of NSA spying claims which asked questions of the role of social networks in national security, Barrett's words of optimism and opportunity may sound warning signals for Glass skeptics.

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