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Ad of the Day: O2 - Be More Dog

This is one of those ads that reminds us how much we love doing what we do. The self-confidence on show here permeates every aspect of the commercial and you can tell within a few seconds that you're about to see something that's really going to stand out.

In the poker game of mobile phone network marketing, O2 have looked at Three's hand and said: "we'll see your 'moonwalking pony' and raise you a 'cat that fancies life as a dog'".

Every part of this is perfect.

The cat's inner thoughts are a perfect match for the expressions of its face in the laconic opening sequence.

The lift-off into a canine fantasy is perfectly handled. Some of it - especially the 'running with the dogs' sequence - looks like it's the result of some clever post-production jiggery pokery but it's been achieved with a perfect level of subtlety.

You could argue that the absence of a specific proposition makes this less effective than it might be but we're not so sure. 'Be More Dog' is a memorable notion and if punters catch sight of it in O2 shops, they'll be a lot more likely to investigate than they would have been if they hadn't seen this.

Above all, it's the kind of commercial that engages the public and that always yields a positive outcome.

Agency: VCCP
Creative Director: Darren Bailes
Creative: Nathaniel White / Daniel Glover-James / Ben Daly / Elias Torres
TV Producer: Catherine Long
Production Co: Caviar
Director: Keith Schofield
Producer: Shirley O'Connor
Executive Producer: Sorcha Shepherd / Anna Smith / James Sorton
Photography: Damien Acevedo
Post Production: MPC
Editing House: Marshall Street Editors
Editor: Patric Ryan

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