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LinkedIn is the social network to watch, not Facebook, says Possible’s global CEO

LinkedIn is the social network to watch, not Facebook, says Possible’s global CEO LinkedIn is the social network to watch, not Facebook, says Possible’s

Marketers must look beyond Facebook and Twitter to social networks like LinkedIn for future opportunities, according to global CEO of WPP-owned agency Possible, Shane Atchison.

Speaking to The Drum Atchison said that LinkedIn could help inject valuable inventory into the mobile space – an area which remains untapped.

“When you look at the analysis of traffic over 30 per cent now comes from mobile devices yet I don’t have a client that spends more than 5 per cent form their digital budget on mobile experiences – I’m still scratching my head on that. It may be partly due to there not being enough inventory in mobile, which is something social networks like Facebook, but even more so on LinkedIn,” he said.

Atchison believes people are more likely to be honest about their profiles on LinkedIn than on Facebook, because it’s closely tied to their careers. “There is more incentive to be honest and transparent about who you are given prospective employers use it. I use it whenever I need to hire someone and I check the LinkedIn page ahead of more or less every meeting I have,” he said.

There is a risk that the older a person becomes the less attracted they will be to Facebook, suffering from what Atchison describes as “Facebook fatigue”.

“I suspect people will be more serious with other platforms like LinkedIn. Facebook will become the birthday network, because it’s most relevant to you on your birthday – it’s no longer relevant on a day-to-day basis.”

Meanwhile the data that can be garnered from LinkedIn, including where a company is based, what their goal is, all will typically opt in to share that, and that’s more substantial than other data points. If someone gets a promotion – there could be ways to make that transactional, according to Atchison.

“People still think of LinkedIn as a place to find employees but for marketers there is more there in terms of data resource and commercial opportunities,” he said.

Possible has been focusing on beefing up its European workforce, having grown from 50 to 700 people in Europe over the last year, all of whom are digital specialists, according to Atchison.

His comments follow the news that Possible has formed a “strategic collaboration” with Wildfire – a division of Google - which will see a global rollout of Wildfire’s social marketing suite for enterprises across Possible’s client base. The move is aimed at helping advertisers maximise returns on their social marketing strategies.


3 Jul 2013 - 14:21
darre94095's picture

Why thank you Sherlock

3 Jul 2013 - 15:19

More honest on Linkedin than Facebook? Really! Completely wrong, people are who they would love to be on LinkedIn, Facebook is who you really are.

3 Jul 2013 - 21:02

@ifthecrownfits Depends on the demographic, and it depends on the company trying to capture attention. If you're a videogame company, Facebook will be a much better option than LinkedIn. The article makes a point, but it should've been more specific in terms of verticals, regions, B2C vs B2B, etc..

4 Jul 2013 - 00:27

@estebancontreras Not my point at all, but a point well made by yourself lol. My point was purely in regards to his belief people on Linkedin are more genuine than on FB. I think that was completely wrong. Linkedin is who your mother wants you to be ;)

8 Jul 2013 - 20:26
androolloyd's picture

@ifthecrownfits you are absolutely correct, linked in is a digital resume/trail of work, people lie on resumes, people lie to their work, people lie in general. i can't say I agree much with the article. but never the less it raises an interesting point.

3 Jul 2013 - 16:10

Facebook active users are on the decline, certainly in the UK anyway and have been for the past 10 months. As a marketer LinkedIn has been mostly unsuccessful from a community building and engagement point of view. LinkedIn groups are good when they work well and are fairly moderated, but seem to be increasingly abused by moderators with their own agendas, turning a blind eye to persistent spammers and purposely avoiding approving content from peers they see as competition.

Google+ for me carries far more value than LinkedIn for marketing and community building. I will continue to use LinkedIn but for personal, career related reasons but certainly not for active marketing purposes.

I agree that Facebook fatigue is very real and apathy towards the network continues to grow, allowing other networks to gain some ground.

3 Jul 2013 - 18:12
eclectitech's picture

Absolute and total agreement on this. Facebook was accurate for the "me" from 7 years ago or whenever I first set it up but totally irrelevant for me now. Linkedin is completely accurate and up to date for me.

4 Jul 2013 - 12:36
laura96947's picture

I consider Facebook and Linked.In to occupy very different places in people's lives - FB is social, the conversation that started down the pub and continues on, comic moments shared, home life enjoyed etc. Linked.In is corporate - it's the professional side of life. It's like comparing a pair of battered Jeans and a pair of suit trousers. Both get worn by the same person but in very different settings.

4 Jul 2013 - 12:46
lesle19697's picture

Having come from a B2C background, I've predominately used FB as a way to advertise and build engagement with the target audience. The advertising CTR wasn't successful but engagement levels increased significantly when I posted relevant, engaging and timely content. I've now moved across in B2B (Don't ask me why) and run a few LinkedIn advertising campaigns, which unfortunately were unsuccessful. I plan to use LinkedIn as a way to build interaction and engagement by providing information about the brands industry therefore positioning the brand as a provider of information and positioning the brand as the wanted product/service.

4 Jul 2013 - 17:06
rober14619's picture

The fact that Facebook's reach is so vast and the users are so engaged is the important fact totally overlooked. Linkedin just doesn't have a wide enough audience spending long enough on the site to appeal to the majority of advertisers. And for someone to suggest that the sound of one hand clapping in the distance (Google +) would be even slightly relevant for a marketeer that wants to reach people at scale is hilarious !

4 Jul 2013 - 17:12

Sweeping statements and brash conclusions. Sigh. Good luck to him.

Social media ads don't work ;) (there's my one)

Be social with your customers when they want you to be. Otherwise they do not want you in their social life.

5 Jul 2013 - 19:07
adam_gordon's picture

I've done nothing but LinkedIn marketing for 4 years and the best opportunities are:

- ensuring your profile is optimised so you are found quickly and it is compelling to prospects. 1/3 of decision-makers have used LinkedIn to find a supplier and 2/3 have used it to research a supplier - building as big a relevant audience (your contacts) as you can and sharing useful things with them regularly. 76% of LinkedIn members connect with people they don't yet know but selectively. If your approach is relevant and/or you look useful, they'll connect - LinkedIn Groups - most are useless but if you get it right, you can create powerful assets for your business. Probably don't brand them. Make sure you've got a great invite list. Make sure you have a sound content schedule

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