Glasgow 2014 announces coordinated bid to combat ambush marketing

Glasgow 2014 has announced today that it is coordinating with advertisers to ensure outdoor advertising space is offered only to official sponsors of the forthcoming Commonwealth Games, in an effort to “prevent ambush marketing before and during the Games.”

Let the Games begin

The lessons learned from combating ambush marketing at London 2012 have been incorporated in Glasgow 2014’s planning, it said.

“Games Sponsors at Partner and Supporter level will have first option to secure advertising space from the media owners in January 2014 before space outside regulated Event Zones is offered back to the open market,” Glasgow 2014 said in a statement.

Deputy Chief Executive Ty Speer, head of the Games’ Commercial Programme, said: “The look and feel of the city at Games time, particularly close to venues, will be transformed with Games branding, messages and colour.

“It is therefore incredibly important for us to keep a consistency across all our sites and to protect the rights of our sponsors, whose support is vital to the success of the Games.”

Media owners JCDecaux, CBS Outdoor, Clear Channel, Forrest Media, Primesight, SPD Media, BlowUp, Ocean Outdoor, Ubiquitous and T4 Media have all agreed to coordinate with the effort.

Games “Event Zones” are regulated under the Glasgow Commonwealth Games Act 2008, which regulates Events Zones. Under Section 10 of the act, it is an offence to advertise in the vicinity of a Games location at a prohibited time.

Mike Baker, CEO for the Outdoor Media Centre said the measures learned from London 2012 allowed sponsors to “own a city”

“If the London 2012 Olympics gave us an important lesson, it is that outdoor is a great medium for allowing sponsors to own a city with large scale visual branding," he said.

“No doubt Glasgow will also be alive with colour and brand presence, adding a similar verve to the Commonwealth Games."

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