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Channel 4 publishes Ramadan season infographic

Channel 4 publishes Ramadan season infographicChannel 4 publishes Ramadan season infographic

Channel 4 has published a Calls to Prayer infographic devised by digital agency Corporation Pop, in support of its controversial Ramadan season.

It precedes the launch of an interactive portal later this month that will feature a countdown clock to regular calls to prayer, a Twitter word cloud gauging sentiment to the event and an infographic highlighting the do’s and don’ts of the festival.

Running throughout July the initiative aims to promote the Muslim holy month of Ramadan – a period in which Britain’s 2.8m Muslims vow to forego food, water, smoking and swearing from dawn to dusk.

Twitter users will be encouraged to share their thoughts on the process by tweeting a word after the hashtag #RamadanMeans, an effort likely to pull in polarised responses if initial discussions are anything to by.
The campaign is intended to promote and explain this practice to non-Muslims by following the experiences of a range of British Muslims as they participate in the practice.

Dom Raban, managing director at Corporation Pop explained, “This was a real opportunity for us to understand more about what it means to be a British Muslim. It was also great to collaborate with Ruh at Make Me Believe who produced the calligraphy and gave us valuable input on our initial design ideas. I’m really please with the final results and I’m particularly looking forward to watching the Sentiment Gauger evolve over the course of the month.”

Channel 4’s in-house design team 4Creative will adapt these designs for its on-air branding.

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3 Jul 2013 - 10:51
MuslimCouncil's picture

Here is a better infographic explaining Ramadan: http://www.mcb.org.uk/images/ramadan2013_keyfacts_mcb.jpg


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