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The Observer pulls front page splash claiming secret data harvesting deals between six European countries and NSA

The Observer has pulled its front page story claiming to reveal ‘secret European deals’ that would have seen private data handed to the US, after the credentials of its single source were called into question.

The exclusive story has been pulled from the later edition of The Observer this morning, as well as the Guardian’s website, having run claims by former Navy Lieutenant and National Security Agency (NSA) employee Wayne Madsen that ‘at least six European countries', including Britain had agreed ’to harvest’ private data to the NSA and that seven European countries as well as the US had access to a network of fibreoptic cables that could intercept phone calls, emails and website log in details.

It seems that the published the story, which went live on The Observer part of The Guardian website just after 9pm last night, was them pulled after the publisher was made aware of previous claims made by its source, including his belief that President Obama was a secret homosexual

The front page story was replaced in a later edition of The Observer and deleted from the title’s website within hours.

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