Amazing Twitter visualisations show a city’s tourists, the languages they speak and the phones they use

Using a raw sample of data from 280 million tweets, Gnip, a company dealing in social media data, has unveiled a new visualisation of the world’s tweeting cities.

The fully scalable and searchable visualisations were created by Eric Fischer and MapBox for Gnip.

The first interactive map shows the number of residents in a city compared to the tourists, who were defined as Twitter users who sent tweets from a specific city for less than a month.

In New York, areas around the World Trade Center site, the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Ferries, and the Staten Island Ferry can be pinpointed by the vibrant red dots, and you can actually make out the Yankee Stadium on the map.

In the map of Paris you can pinpoint the line of red in the upper left of the city which is the Champs-Elysees, the most popular street in Paris for tourists.

The second visualisation shows the languages used in each city. The UK is mostly grey, indicating English, but in London, Manchester and Birmingham there are well defined pockets of colour indicating the areas where foreign languages are predominantly used. The final visualisation shows what mobile devices are being used in each city. iPhone, indicated by a red dot, appears to be most popular in all of the major world cities. Blackberry, the purple dot, and Android phones, the green, are also popular, particularly in the financial areas of major cities.

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