Google working on ranking update for ‘spammy queries’ such as pay day loans

Matt Cutts, head of the webspam team at Google, announced last night that the team has started working on a new ranking update for ‘spammy queries’.He linked to a video produced in May, talking about planned changes, which said that work was set to be done to make changes to areas such as ‘contested’ areas such as pay day loans on the UK Google page.

In response to people saying that spam was still showing up, Cutts reiterated that the process is just beginning, and added that a multifaceted rollout will be happening over the next one to two months.Cutts is today speaking at the Search Marketing Expo, and has said that bounce rate and Google+ are not used as a ranking signal.He also added that design and user experience are the most underrated things in SEO, while social data is the most overrated.

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