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Clarks, M&S and Asda top the 10 most meaningful UK brands survey

Winner: Clarks topped the UK meaningful brands chartWinner: Clarks topped the UK meaningful brands chart

Clarks, M&S and Asda have topped the UK consumer-voted meaningful brands survey, which showed meaningful brands outperform the stock market by as much as 120 per cent with share prices growing faster than those brands consumers don't see as meaningful.

The survey - conducted by Havas Media Group - sampled the views of 9,939 UK consumers on 72 brands across nine industries and found most people would not care is 93 per cent of brands disappeared, compared to 73 per cent globally. The global consumer survey gather the views of more than 100,000 people across 23 countries.

Google, Samsung and Microsoft topped the global chart of meaningful brands, showing much higher import from consumers on technology brands than the UK.

The research found attachment as the key to consumers considering a brand meaningful, with all top 10 brands scoring more than 50 per cent when people were asked if they would miss the brand should it disappear, while the average across all brands featured in the survey was 38 per cent.

Collective wellbeing and personal wellbeing were identified as important brand qualities to consumers, with 70 per cent of consumers saying companies and brands should play a role in improving customers' quality of life and wellbeing. However, only 24 per cent people agreed that companies and brands were working hard enough to improve those areas.

Trust was highlighted as important to consumers, with more than half (54 per cent) of people trusting brands behaving in more socially and environmentally responsible ways. Only 32 per cent of people surveyed trusted companies and brands on the whole - much less trusting than other countries - while 32 per cent said they frequently considered the impact of a brand on people's wellbeing or the environment when choosing which products to buy.

Top 10 Meaningul Brands in the UK

1.) Clarks

2.) M&S

3.) Asda

4.) Sainsbury's

5.) John Lewis

6.) IKEA

7.) Morrisons

8.) Tesco

9.) Argos

10.) Penguin

Top 10 Meaningful Brands Globally

1.) Google

2.) Samsung

3.) Microsoft

4.) Nestle

5.) Sony

6.) IKEA

7.) Dove

8.) Nike

9.) Wal-Mart

10.) Danone

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