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BBC launches iOS and Android weather app

BBC launches iOS and Android weather appBBC launches iOS and Android weather app

BBC Weather has today launched a free mobile app for iOS and Android devices in the UK to allow punter to keep track of the elements.

The app automatically detects the owners location and forwards the current meteorological conditions, as well as offering a 5-day forecast and fine grain three-hourly forecasts for international locales over a 48 hour period.

A raft of information pertaining to UV, pollen counts, wind speed and humidity will also be displayed within the app to ensure no-one need venture unprepared into the great outdoors.

Liz Howell, head of BBC Weather, said: “The new BBC Weather app is the perfect companion for this summer’s great British sport and music events. We know that our audiences really want that at-a-glance forecast when they’re out and about, with the option of digging for further detail when they need or want to. That’s exactly what we’ve delivered, squeezing in all of our trusted data into an app that’s simple to use and looks fantastic.”

James Metcalfe, senior productwManager for Weather, BBC Future Media, said: “We’re making BBC Weather truly mobile with the launch of our new app. As so many of our audiences access BBC Weather from iOS and Android devices, we can now offer them an even better way to keep ahead of the weather on-the-go. This represents a significant milestone in our commitment to provide a world-class weather service to audiences across four screens – desktop, mobile, tablet and connected TV.”


10 Jun 2013 - 14:13
Alistair Farrant's picture

And yet it doesn't let you watch an actual video forecast... Still no way of seeing it on iPhone or iPad. Very poor.

10 Jun 2013 - 15:00
johndoe's picture

So clean and simple. I love it. Typical BBC's excellent UX and design. I love the met app's accuracy and rain heat map but the met app is awful to look at and has terrible UX. The BBC is my next most trusted for weather accuracy in the UK after the Met. Any app made in America (yahoo etc) and trying to server a massive audience is always going to be inaccurate!

25 Jun 2013 - 08:23
zoyab20691's picture

This is a great piece of news. As we all trust BBC for its sources this app would be more reliable and interesting too. Android application is simply awesome and hands over everything to us by means of its app. I would like to share a source where you can find interesting apps like mentioned here.



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