Easily offended? Look away now - Chip Shop Awards 2013 winners revealed: see them here

The Chip Shop Awards tenth anniversary awards ceremony took place at the Ministry of Sound in London last night, and as ever the show contained the trademark mix of humour, irreverence and, of course, bad taste that has made it so infamous down the years.

But with age comes maturity, and while the Chip Shops isn't ready to shake off the knob gags completely, this year's grand prix winner was the kind of thoughtful piece of marketing that really could be taken up by a client in real life.

Taking home that coveted 'Big Chip' was RPM for an ingenious bin ad that reminds us of the struggles many of the world's impoverished children face as we carelessly discard our leftovers.

On a lighter note, the chairman's award - bestowed upon the approriately named Dafty by Coy! Communications creative director Mark Denton - displayed typical Chip Shop charm in lampooning Sensodyne's approach to troublesome teeth.

But it's not just what the judges think that matters, and the people's choice award was duly given to Stein IAS for its frightening Gangnam Style animal parody starring the agency's team in a variety of terrifying roles.

You can see all of this year's chip-winning work below and the full list of winners, including those who took the runner-up vinegar bottles, on the Chip Shop Awards website.

Grand Prix aka The Big Chip

And chip winner in best ad applied to an unusual mediumCompany: RPMBrand: Save the ChildrenTitle: Feed MeCredits: Fiona Maher/Copywriter

Chairman's award

Company: DaftyBrand: SensodyneTitle: Sensitive Tooth ManCredits: Written and Directed by DAFTYProduced by Chief Productions

Best use of plagiarism

Company: Rojan Munthe and Jayshree Viswanathan - School of Communication ArtsBrand: M&STitle: Lemon Company: Tom Fenwick-Smith and Rebecca Arthur - School of Communication ArtsBrand: SennheiserTitle: Silence

Best use of shocking copy

And chip winner in best charity advertCompany: gyro ManchesterBrand: NSPCCTitle: Now, then. Now, then.Credits: Angus Prior/Adam McGowan/Peter Davis/Arron Tierney/Dan OKeeffe

Best politically incorrect

Company: Sam Bone + Chris JefferysBrand: Costa CoffeeTitle: Two shots in Chinatown

Best use of bad taste

Company: Big CommunicationsBrand: DairyleaTitle: Cheesy nobCredit: Vijay Ram

Best work for any brand you haven't a hope in winning

Company: DaftyBrand: SensodyneTitle: Sensitive Tooth ManCredits: Written and Directed by DAFTYProduced by Chief Productions

Best work for a brand you have but haven't a hope in running

Company: 76 LtdBrand: NokiaTitle: Tonka Spoof

Best remake of an existing advert

Company: Stein IASBrand: ChanelTitle: The Inevitable EntryCredits: Alex Webb, David Croucher, Russell Suthers and Catherine Barnes Company: Big CommunicationsBrand: LegoTitle: NolegoCredit: Vijay Ram Company: Big CommunicationsBrand: Club 18-30Title: Slagbags

Best advert applied to a mobile medium

Company: Pixel8 LtdBrand: The Comedy StoreTitle: No Laughing MatterCredits: Jon Massey / Ryan Brown

Best ambient media

Company: Pixel8 LtdBrand: SupermanTitle: Up, Up & AwayCredits: Jon Massey / Ryan Brown Company: Big CommunicationsTitle: Don't do rugsCredits: Tom Heywood and Vijay Ram

Best use of a shop window postcard space

Company: Jack Willoughby and Tom Bender -School of Communication ArtsTitle: Magic Lessons Company: Ran Stallard and Andrea Lutken - School of Communication Arts Title: Paper shredder for sale Company: Jack Willoughby and Tom Bender - School of Communication ArtsBrand: Brixton Family PlanningTitle: The Pill

Best consumer ad or campaign

Company: Jolyon White and Richard BiggsBrand: InterfloraTitle: Say sorry from a safe distance Company: Material_WorksBrand: AldiTitle: 2 out of 10 catsCredits: Lynn McBean - creative director

Best press advert

Company: RappBrand: GarnierTitle: Extreme BeautyCredits: Tori Fannon, art director; Mark Teece, copywriter; Mike Murray, retoucher And winner of the 'flog a dead horse' awardCompany: ChosenBrand: TescoTitle: Each WayCredit: Rob Johnson, Paul Martin, Eleri Usher

Best public awareness advert

Company: The PartnersBrand: Think! Road Safety. Department of TransportTitle: Leave it at Home This ChristmasCredit: Leon Bahrani, designer

Best charity advert

Company: ProferoBrand: GOSHTitle: Last WillCredit: Luke Till

Best online advert

Company: 1000headsBrand: DurexTitle: Last Longer

Best viral

Company: POSSIBLEBrand: n/aTitle: Clear winnerCredits: Dan Roberts, associate art director and Jason Shoffman, designer Company: CoolpinkBrand: PapalTitle: Papal - Pay for your sins Company: David Williams - FreelanceBrand: Alzheimer'sTitle: Pointless Memory

Best packaging design or point of sale

Brand: BraleTitle: The ale that gets you blind drunkCredits: Designers: Keely Jackman & Jamie Saunderson, Visualising: Joel Pearce, Supported by: Ads, Nile Hope, Wendy Pearce, Jamie Campbell and the rest

Best corporate identity

Company: SizeBrand: Three Blind Mice OpticiansTitle: Opticians Identity Company: Big CommunicationsBrand: Jimmie's SaveloyTitle: Saveloy

Best self promotion

Company: Nayth&JimmyTitle: The mother of all recommendationsCredit: James Nguyen - Art Director and Nathan Davoli – Copywriter

Use of regional dialect

Company: Big CommunicationsBrand: WalesTitle: Bang TidyCredit: Tom Heywood

Invent your own category

The Underground Library from Keri Tan on Vimeo.

Category - Student WorkCompany: Keri Tan - Miami Ad SchoolBrand: New York Public LibraryTitle: The Underground Library

People's choice award

Company: Stein IASBrand: AnimalTitle: Get Some Animal

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