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Ebay, Twitter and Facebook developing apps for Google Glass

Ebay, Twitter and Facebook developing apps for Google Glass  Ebay, Twitter and Facebook developing apps for Google Glass

Google has revealed that social networks including Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter as well as Ebay have been developing apps for Glass ahead of its general release next year.

According to an eBay spokesperson: “EBay Inc is participating in the beta of Google Glass and we are exploring the various use-case scenarios”

Thus far, it has mainly been news sites to have forged ahead with the development of Google Glass apps.

The New York Times, Elle magazine and CNN have also developed early versions of their apps.

According to the New York Times, app developers have limited access to Glass users’ data and cannot include advertisements and are being told to: "Keep it short and sweet for the small screen, make sure alerts are relevant, send timely information people need on the go and make tasks easier and more seamless than they are on other devices."

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