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BBC urged to replace Dr Who producer ahead of eighth series following ratings slump

BBC urged to replace Dr Who producer ahead of eighth series following ratings slumpBBC urged to replace Dr Who producer ahead of eighth series following

Fans of long-running sci-fi series Dr Who have reportedly urged producer Steven Moffat to “bow out” ahead of the eighth series of Dr Who.

The BBC has apparently faced criticism that the show has taken a “creative nosedive” with increasingly “dodgy storylines,” and that Moffat has run out of good ideas.

A Daily Mail source from the BBC said: “The 50th anniversary episode seems a good opportunity for him [Moffat] to bow out. Either way, something dramatic needs to take place to improve ratings.”

Some episodes of the drama have pulled in only 4.6 million viewers, although the BBC insists it regularly attracts close to eight million, two million less than when the show was first brought back on screen in 2005.

As such, speculation is mounting whether Moffat will be replaced following the 50th anniversary episode in November.

He appeared to rubbish the suggestion at the BAFTA's last week, saying of the eighth series: "It is real and it's happening - it's [taking up] most of my time at the moment."

He added that some of the rumours circulating about 50th anniversary storyline are "absolutely mental" but that "some of them, I think, are actually quite good ideas. I might use them in future!"


18 May 2013 - 22:22

As far as I'm aware the lowest figure for season 7 so far is around 7.75 million UK viewers for Cold War which includes overnight figures, iplayer requests and time shifted viewings. The highest according to online sources from the BBC indicate the highest is 10.7 million. I don't think there's been a drop at all but more people are watching the programme when it's not live. I personally watched the whole of series 7 on catchup and never saw a single episode live. It's a bad time to watch during dinner and wash up so I always watch it later. Overnights are dead. 4.6 million doesn't seem realistic from what I've found online, then again who can you trust.

19 May 2013 - 00:07
thoma19921's picture

What the hell are overnights? Why judge a show's performance on it's first local broadcast? Internationally, with BBC America, netflix et al, Doctor Who is getting over 20 Million viewers per episode by the end of the week. Overnights are an outdated way of thinking with broadcast media in the digital age. And if you saw the finale - The Name of the Doctor - penned by Steven Moffat, you'll know reports of a decline in quality are absolute rubbish.

30 May 2013 - 14:50
angel36553's picture

The greatest thing that could happen for dr who is steven moffat to bow out .Series 7 was a total waste of money and the time of some fine actors .Poor stories ,a recurance of the same caracters , and a final episode that deserved to bin in the bin not on screen .I urge everyone to pray furiously for the 50th aniversary episode or it could mean the end of the doctor forever .GET LOST MOFFAT YOU IMBECILE.

8 Sep 2013 - 10:05
2429i16501's picture

I dont think you understand the complexity of his story lines. I look foward to his episodes as they are exciting and clever. Recurence of characters show depth and a continuing of the story of the doctor. If anybody is a good writer, it is Steven Moffat. So please stop inflicting your opinions on the world. Doctor Who is not made to be simple and straitfoward. The timeline can be wibbly-wobbly and timey-wimey :) it adds to the complexity. @angel36553

4 Jun 2013 - 15:19
mrd4p48815's picture

In this day and age, why are networks, be they the BBC, or the American networks, so quick to seal the fate of a program based on its first airing veiwer numbers? In a time when DVR's, Net Flicks, the Networks own websites for viewing full episodes, not to mention Cable outlets "On Demand" services and on line services like Hulu make content avialable at the viewers convenience, should they continue to rely on an antiquated system of gaging a shows success. They need to figure out how to satisfy the almighty advertiser and not on the backs of good programs, or ones that have the potential to be good programs.


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