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Top-10 YouTube brands revealed: Red Bull, Google, Old Spice and Nike top the chart

While the world's top brands can boast an average 203,000 Twitter followers and 2.6 million Facebook likes, YouTube amasses just 35,000 subscribers to brands, highlighting a gap in the market and one that some brands are benefiting hugely from, according to a report from OpenSlate.

The online video advertising company has compiled the top 500 brands on the channel - which receive over 440 million hits - and the current top 10, given a SlateScore based on engagement, consistency and influence.

Creative Review: 

1.) Red Bull

Subscribers: 2.1 million
Videos: 2,848

2.) Google

Subscribers: 1.5 million
Videos: 1,551

3.) Old Spice

Subscribers: 341,848
Videos: 432

4.) Nike Football

Subscribers: 601,375
Videos: 798

5.) GoPro Camera

Subscribers: 806,535
Videos: 448

6.) Blackberry

Subscribers: 145,235
Videos: 1,261

= 7.) DC Shoes

Subscribers: 516,317
Videos: 453

= 7.) Coca-Cola

Subscribers: 122,895
Videos: 1,725

9.) Samsung

Subscribers: 82,472
Videos: 673

10.) Volkswagen

Subscribers: 61,748
Videos: 261

Brands to watch
DC Shoes
Luxy Hair

The report showed - discounting entertainment category brands - the most represented industries in the top 500 were technology, automotive, apparel and beauty and personal care. Food and beverage, travel, education, retail and finance and business were also represented.

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