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Ad of the Day: Axe - Stairs

Lynx has made it clear that nothing beats an astronaut - ever. So where do you take the campaign from there? There's only one answer: you, shower-gel-using-man, become the astronaut himself. This lovely ad with its exquisite attention to detail - the abandoned lingerie, the mp3 earbuds next to the discarded helmet, the still-smouldering space suit - are all deliciously filmed, and its dramatic POV, cinematic music and atmosphere of imminent revelation are a pleasure from start to finish. Especially clever - once again - is the use of a man who's not impossibly buff and lantern-jawed... though his assured, next-door-James-Bond smile is irresistible when you consider that he's just landed his rocket pod on the tarmac outside. Superb Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty Creative Director: David Kolbusz Creative: Gary McCreadie / Wesley Hawes TV Producer: Ruben Mercadal Production Co: Blink Director: Tom Tagholm Producer: Bruce Williamson Executive Producer: James Bland Photography: Vincent Warin Production Designer: Andy Kelly Production Manager: Ellie Britton Post Production: Framestore Editing House: Stitch Editor: Tim Hardy Audio: Wave Sound Designer: Aaron Reynolds Music Production: Beacon Street Studios

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