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Margaret Thatcher dies - Twitter reaction as CNN blunders with Jimmy Savile picture and Guido Fawkes closes for a day

Margaret Thatcher dies - Twitter reaction as CNN blunders with Jimmy Savile picture and Guido Fawkes closes for a dayMargaret Thatcher dies - Twitter reaction as CNN blunders with Jimmy

Following the news that Baroness Margaret Thatcher died peacefully this morning after a stroke, the nation has taken to Twitter to discuss the loss.

With Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, and Thatcher all trending, both positive and negative comments are being made about the former Prime Minister.

Unfortunately, CNN are also grabbing a large amount of room on Twitter as well, after running a picture of Thatcher with Jimmy Savile during its on-air broadcast.

It has also been suggested – but not confirmed – that the BBC made a typo in an article and suggested that Thatcher died following a ‘strike’.

Guido Fawkes has announced that he is shutting the site for the day as a mark of respect.


8 Apr 2013 - 20:34
poppasmurf's picture

No one liked her except those that got rich from her short sited policies. She took a nation to war to win an election, she bankrupted most people involved in the UK heavy industries. Sold them all down the river. Sorry but no tears will ever be shed for such a power hungry tyrant.

8 Apr 2013 - 20:35
poppasmurf's picture

Lord Sugar's is the funniest tweet by miles.

9 Apr 2013 - 07:27
kmdlo51992's picture

When Thatcher came to power in 1979 Britain still had a free press, a ship building industry, a car industry, a coal industry, a steel industry. What's left of some of those industries is no longer owned by the British people. She sold all Britain's assets so that by the time she died, the banking industry, gas, electricity, water are all foreign owned. She unravelled the legislation protecting the public from predatory financial practices and oversaw the mis-selling of mortgages, the mis-selling of pensions (so called opting out of the state scheme), did away with rent controls, "deregulated" the integrated transport system which used to run cleanly, cheaply and efficiently in London for the benefit of the public. Perhaps her most lasting achievement is the City of London where "deregulation" (big bang) ushered in practices that could be said to sum up her whole philosophy in two words, "caveat emptor".


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