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Masterly timing! Bubba Watson's golf cart is a hovercraft

Ace golfer Bubba Watson is the star of a new viral video flying around this week , featuring him and this amazing take on a golf cart: it's a hovercraft, called ”Bubba’s Hover!”

Watson , the 2012 Masters Tournament Champion, Bubba joined the sunglass and sportswear firm Oakley's team of athletes in January this year.

One of the major deciding factors, according to the firm's website was Oakley’s shared desire for simply having massive amounts of fun!

When Watson and Oakley came up with the idea of changing the way conventional golf carts function, the plan was an instant hit.

Pairing with a company called Neoteric Hovercraft in Indiana, Watson and Oakley came up with the concept of the golf cart hovercraft.

The prototype has a top speed of 60mph and can float across water hazards, sand traps and virtually any other obstacle a golf course could throw your way.

“It takes you everywhere you want to go,” Watson said. “Through sand traps, through water, short cuts into the woods and out of the woods. And my ball likes to go in and out of the woods.”

“The biggest advantage to the hovercraft is that it has a foot print pressure about 33 times less than the human foot,” Chris Fitzgerald of Neoteric Hovercraft added.

“So by hovering across a green you leave absolutely no trace.”

The video “Bubba’s Hover,” has been viewed over 3 million times in just over two days and has made every major news outlet in America , from CNN to ESPN to ABC’s Good Morning America to NBC’s Today Show.

The stunt is according to AdAge the inspiration of agency Thinkmodo.

Thinkmodo partner Michael Krivicka, told AdAge Oakley tapped them to create a viral video campaign highlighting its sponsorship of Watson.

Masterly timing here: The Masters Golf Tournament begins on April 11.

Web traffic for Oakley's main site is already said to be up 40% and sales have spiked.

"Oakley is now the most talked about sports brand during Masters season," said Krivicka.


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Similar hovercrafts: www.airslide.eu


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