Vanilla Coke returns 10 years after launch

Vanilla Coke returned to the shops yesterday, ten years after it first appeared, with a print campaign announcing its release.

Since yesterday was April Fool’s Day, the campaign promised that this was not, in fact, a joke by the Coca-Cola Company, and that the flavour was officially back.

Vanilla Coke ‘superfans’, identified using social media tools, were given the chance to try the drink again before it hit the shelves.

Zoe Howorth, marketing director for Coca-Cola Great Britain, said: “There has been huge consumer demand for the return of Vanilla Coke so we were really excited about bringing back the variant to the Coca-Cola family.

“It’s the product that consumers ask us to re-introduce most frequently and we’re excited to be able to do so, whilst marking the tenth anniversary of flavours. We’re glad consumers are able to enjoy their favourite refreshing Coca-Cola taste with a hint of vanilla again.”

As well as the print and outdoor campaign, the launch will be covered by in-store activity and sampling.

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