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Petition for work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith to live on £53 per week hits over 120,000 signatures in a day

Challenge: The petition calls for Iain Duncan Smith to prove his claimChallenge: The petition calls for Iain Duncan Smith to prove his claim

A petition to make work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith live up to his word and opt for an income of £53 per week for one year has gone viral, amassing over 120,000 signatures in less than 24 hours.

The Conservative politician made the claim on Monday during a BBC Radio 4 programme when he was asked if he could live on the amount of benefit one claimant was receiving, £53 per week. Smith replied: "If I had to, I would," inspiring the petition challenging him to prove it.

Hosted on change.org, the petition states: "On this morning's Today programme David Bennett, a market trader, said that after his housing benefit had been cut, he lives on £53 per week. The next interviewee was work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith, who was defending the changes. The interviewer then asked him if he could live on this amount. He replied: 'If I had to, I would.'

"This petition calls on Iain Duncan Smith to live on this budget for at least one year. This would help realise the conservative party`s current mantra that 'we are all in this together'.

"This would mean a 97 per cent reduction in his current income, which is £1,581.02 a week, or £225 a day after tax."

The petition, started by Dom Aversano, went viral on Facebook and Twitter shortly after being set up, racking up tens of thousands of signatures within hours. The public reaction followed the introduction of a range of benefit cuts and freezes on Monday, including the 'bedroom tax', a policy which prompted thousands across Britain to take to the streets in protest on Saturday.

Petitions hosted on the government's own website can be debated in parliament should they receive more than 100,000 signatures. It is not yet known whether the government will respond to the petition.


2 Apr 2013 - 14:06
josie99075's picture

I would like to see him suvive on it for 6 months in a wheel chair in pain.I also think if he has a house bigger than he needs he should pay £1000 a week for every room he doesnt need and the money to go to someone who has lost their job and needs to feed their family.lets That goes for all his rich mates,see how they like to be shafted.

2 Apr 2013 - 18:29
benn912421's picture

I would love to sign the petition, how do I ? His boss the person in charge of running our country (into the ground) must be so proud of this statement and really glad he employed Iain Duncan Smith. As i'm sure all that have voted them in are too ! My electric meter takes £4 a day and gas when I can afford to put the heating on approx £2.50 a day.Oh and find £4.20 a day for the return bus fair for my son to go to college (because his student pass is only valid in the hours he doesn't need a bus) and also once a week for myself to sign on, where I am asked to prove how many jobs I have applied for which can be counted in tens every week (everyone without even a no but thank you far applying) !!! I would love to see him feed, nourish and really look after himself and his family with whats left,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, He must be an educated man ? so I will let him do the sums.

2 Apr 2013 - 23:09
Janet79803's picture

I agree with all of the above comments, most intelligent normal people would, but what we are dealing with here is rich boys who claim to know all about living on a budget and working hard. They really do expect us to believe they empathise with the man on the street and share our worries about making ends meet!! What they do not tell us is If they fall on hard times or loose their jobs, then they don't need to worry as their even richer wives, parents or in laws will be there to tide them over! Just like all the rest of us ha! Ha! Ha! Like sheep, the masses are being lead to the slaughter by a very clever band of school friends. Do not be fooled, their leader is definitely NOT Robin Hood !!

16 Jan 2014 - 17:36
roywa16655's picture

he is like the rest of the government a complete wolly

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