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Mother: Green & Blacks ad campaign


Brand: Green & Blacks

Title(s): This Is Not a Chocolate Bar

Agency: Mother, London, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Mother

Art Director: Mother

Copywriter: Mother

Photographer: Carl Kleiner

Published: March 2013

Topshop: PETA shop window


Brand: PETA

Title(s): Keep Wildlife Out Of Your Wardrobe

Additional credits: Topshop Creative Manager: Jason-Gabriel Lowdon

Published: March 2013

Truth Creative: Coronation Street 50th anniversary identity


Brand: ITV

Title(s): Coronation Street 50 Years Identity

Agency: Truth, Manchester, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Darren Scott

Short rationale (optional): ITV required a design agency that could deliver the guideline infrastructure for its Coronation Street licensees. Having experienced uplift in licensed branding from the 50-year anniversary, ITV wanted to continue this revenue stream ensuring that the off screen experience reflected the on screen one. Truth evolved the original brand mark and developed new visual identity to support it. We also developed a comprehensive guide to the branding to provide consistency, defined assets and product examples.

Krow Communications: Fiat 'The Fatherhood' online video


Brand: Fiat

Title(s): The Fatherhood

Agency: Krow, London, UK

Agency website:

Creative: Nick Hastings

Photographer: Ed Rutherford

Additional credits: TV Producer: Emma Rookledge

Production Company: Rubber Republic

Director: Matt Golding

Published: March 2013

Landor Communications: UKTV brand identity


Brand: UKTV

Title(s): UKTV Brand Identity

Agency: Landor Associates, London, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Peter Knapp

Art Director: Hsu-Ying Fullick

Copywriter: Gary Martin

Additional credits: Brand Strategist: Joel Biswas

Published: March 2013

Karoshi London: Newscope Films brand identity


Brand: Newscope Films

Title(s): Newscope Films Brand Idenity

Agency: Karoshi, London, UK

Agency website:

Creative Directors: Gavin Ireland and Ben Vincent

Published: February 2013

Short rationale (optional): Newscope Films are an independent producer of feature films and micro-budget genre movies for an international market. United by their mission to develop innovative, highly conceptual and original genre films, we created a dynamic identity solution capturing this brand essence while remaining accessible to their broad audience. Evoking the movement of the animation, with typographic inspiration being drawn from three-dimensional cinematic type, each monochromatic logotype is constrained within the proportions of 2.4:1 – the current widescreen standard.

TBWA\Manchester: CSL integrated campaign


Brand: CSL

Agency: TBWA\Manchester, Manchester, UK

Agency website:

Creative Directors: Gary Fawcett and Lisa Nicholls

Art Director: Adam Richardson

Writer: Becci Tyrell

Additional credits: Account Handler: Mark Bostock

Planner: Lorna Hawtin

Agency TV Producer: Lou Vasey

Director: Chris Cottam

Executive Producer: Colin Offland

Production Company: Chief Productions

Director of Photography: John De Borman

Costume Designer: Andy Blake

Choreographer: Litzer Bixer

Published: March 2013

Green Room: NU Skin Spark Centre design


Brand: Nu Skin

Title(s): Spark Centre, London

Agency: Green Room, London, UK

Agency website:

Published: January 2013

Short rationale (optional): Taking inspiration from the Nu Skin brand globally, Green Room completed an expansive interior design project for the global anti-aging company, which provided a contemporary and flexible space with sales, training, meeting and conference facilities.

Leo Burnett - McDonald's Family Favourites campaign


Brand: McDonald’s

Agency: Leo Burnett, London, UK

Agency website:

TV Creative

Executive Creative Director: Justin Tindall

Art Director: Guy Moore and Tony Malcolm

Copywriter: Tony Malcolm and Guy Moore

Additional credits: Agency Producer: Bruce Macrae

Media Agency: OMD

Planner (Media Agency): Grace Cowey

Production Company: Gorgeous Enterprises

Director: Vince Squibb

Production Company Producer: Rupert Smythe

Editor: Paul Watts/The Quarry

Post-Production: MPC

Audio Post Production: Simon Capes at Soho Square Studios

Print Credits

Creative Director: Justin Tindall

Art Director: Guy Moore and Tony Malcolm

Copywriter: Tony Malcolm and Guy Moore

Photographer: Richard Robinson

Typographer: Marc Donaldson

Published: March 2013

Katherine Cory: Chris Seddon Wedding Photography website design


Brand: Chris Seddon

Title(s): Chris Seddon Wedding Photographer Web Design

Agency: Katherine Cory, Derby, UK

Agency website:

Published: February 2013

Short rationale (optional): Chris wanted a new brand and website that encapsulated him and pushed the boundaries of web design. The website uses new web technologies like parallax scrolling in a subtle way to showcase his photographers and is fully responsive so works beyond the desktop.

Grey London: The Sunday Times Style Guide - Michelle Obama


Brand: The Sunday Times Style Guide

Title(s): Rule Obama

Agency: Grey London, London, UK

Agency website:

Executive Creative Director: Nils Leonard

Creative Director: Dave Monk

Additional credits: Creative team: Lex Firth and Jamie Starbuck

Business Director: Tamsine Foggin

Account Manager: Albert Ponnelle

Creative producer: Shaun Musgrove

Production house: Act Two-Um

Published: March 2013

Truth Creative: Revolución de Cuba brand evolution and Manchester launch


Brand: Revolución de Cuba

Title(s): Brand Evolution and Manchester Launch

Agency: Truth, Manchester, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Darren Scott

Illustrator: Ant Wilde

Additional credits: Designers: Ant Wilde and Cathryn Ellis

Published: October 2012

Short rationale (optional): Having worked with Inventive Leisure on a number of projects over the past 18 months, Truth was tasked with evolving the Cuban-inspired brand, Revolucion de Cuba. In celebrating the heyday of Havana and the eclectic nature of Cuba, Truth developed a montage of imagery ensuring an authentic but distinctive visual language. Applied to hoardings outside the Manchester venue prior to launch, the brand enjoyed stand out and intrigue in a previously unknown territory.

Mother NY: Virgin Mobile 'Retrain Your Brain' campaign


Brand: Virgin Mobile

Title(s): Retrain Your Brain

Agency: Mother, NY, USA

Agency website:

Creative Director: Mother NY

Art Director: Mother NY

Copywriter: Mother NY

Illustrator: Mother NY

Additional credits: Production Company: Trakor

Director: Traktor

DP: Matthew Libatique

Producer: Rani Melendez

Costume Designer: Liz Botes

Production Designer: Andy Reznik

Editorial Company: Arcade

Editors: Geoff Hounsell

VFX & Finishing Company: MPC

Executive Producer: Justin Bruckman

Post Producer: Mitch Stockwell

Creative Director/ 2D Lead: Alex Lovejoy

CG Lead: Liam Griffin

Final Grade: Mark Gethin @MPC LA

Music Production: Human

Music Producer: James Wells

TV Mix: T Theressa Tate (at Final Cut)

Sound Design: The Flaming Lips + T Theressa Tate

Published: March 2013

Partners Andrews Aldridge: Marriott Sevens TV spot


Brand: Marriott London Sevens

Agency: Partners Andrews Aldridge, London, UK

Agency website:

Art Director: Richard Donovan

Copywriter: Jon Leney

Additional credits: Agency TV Producer: Sue-Lee Stern

Production Company: Hotspur and Argyle

Director: Theo Delaney

Producer: Adam Lyne

Published: March 2013

Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney: CAPI Sparkling ad campaign


Brand: Capi Sparkling

Title(s): CAPI Man

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney, Sydney, Australia

Agency website:

Executive Creative Director: Damon Stapleton

Creative Director: Matt Gillmore

Additional credits: Agency Producer: Veronica Alkon

Production Company: The Sweet Shop

Director: Steve Ayson

Executive Producer: Wilf Sweetland

Producer: Alice Grant

Editor: Jack Hutchings, The Butchery

Grade: Method

Online: The Refinery

Sound: Silencio

Media: Two Hands

Published: March 2013

glue Isobar: AutoTrader TV campaign


Brand: Auto Trader

Title(s): Convoy

Agency: glue Isobar, London, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Lewis Raven

Art Director: Dave Tokley / Jan Pruijser

Copywriter: Matt Gilbert / Rachel Clough

Published: March 2013

Short rationale (optional): With over 35 years of helping Britain buy and sell, and more cars than any other site we wanted to visualise the scale of the Auto Trader site in the real-world whilst retaining an emotional warmth as told through the eyes of the buyer. We wanted to show not just how easy it is finding the right car for you, but also no matter what you’re after you can find it on Auto Trader.

TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris: We Can Do Amazing Things With Your Briefs project


Title(s): We Can Do Amazing Things With Your Briefs

Agency: TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris, Johannesburg

Agency website:

Executive Creative Directors: Matthew Brink and Adam Livesey

Creative Directors: Sacha Traest, Mike Groenewald

Art Director: Jade Manning

Copywriter: Vincent Osmond

Photographers: Graeme Borchers and Des Ellis

Additional credits: Designers: Sacha Traest, Leigh-anne Salonika, Katleho Mofolo, Graeme Van Jaarsveld, Ilze Venter and Jason Fieldgate

Typographer: Hazel Buchan

Account Manager: Vanessa Maselwa

Production Team: Craig Walker, Simone Allem, Ingrid Shellard and Gillian Humphris

Director: Brett de Vos

Published: March 2013

Truth Creative: Treehouse group brand identity


Brand: Treehouse

Title(s): Treehouse Group Brand Identity

Agency: Truth, Manchester, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Darren Scott

Additional credits: Designers: Ant Wilde and Cathryn Ellis

Short rationale (optional): Treehouse Group was formed as a parent brand to Bounty UK. Truth was invited to develop a brand identity and guidelines to allow the business to acquire other parent-based businesses in global territories. Since inception Treehouse has invested in US-based MOM365 and is making in-roads within the Far East.

18 Feet & Rising: Cuprinol livery and brand identity


Brand: Cuprinol

Title(s): Cuprinol Whimpering Garden

Agency: 18 Feet & Rising, London, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Anna Carpen

Additional credits: Creatives: Anna Carpen, Stephen de Wolf and Behrad Taherparvar

Account Director: Adrienne Little

Strategy: Rob Ward

Agency Producers: Emily Hodgson and Juli Methold

Director: Suthon Petchsuwan

Producer: Hugh Bacher

Post Production: Mum Films

Media Planning/Buying: Mediacom

Published: March 2013

Shine Creative: SEKO Logistics global rebrand

SEKO Logistics Global Video from SEKO Logistics on Vimeo.


Brand: SEKO Logistics

Title(s): Global Rebrand

Agency: Shine Creative, Hampshire, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Samantha Stokes

Copywriter: Gill Taylor

Additional credits: Design Director: Darron Thompson

Video Production: Jam Productions

Published: February 2013

Short rationale (optional): Shine Creative was approached by SEKO Logistics with the task of rebranding its Global business, to support over 120 offices in 40 countries. With a turn-around time of three months, Shine formalised the entire brand identity and developed a new website for SEKO's worldwide audience, complete with a corporate video. A Media Center was created to enable staff to access marketing collateral, ensuring brand consistency on a Global basis. Shine also designed a range of brochures to promote SEKO's Global services and industry sector expertise, in addition to a set of case studies, to communicate SEKO's streamlined business model and superior customer support.

LOVE: Johnnie Walker limited edition directors blend bottle design


Brand: LOVE/Johhnie Walker

Title(s): LOVE designs limited edition Johnnie Walker Directors Blend bottle

Agency: LOVE, Manchester and London

Agency website: http://

Creative Director: David Palmer and Paul Shipley (designers)

Art Director: David Palmer

Copywriter: Dave Bevan

Published: 2013

Dittmar: Anni Hall identity


Brand: Anni Hall

Agency: Dittmar, Berlin, Germany

Agency website:

Creative Director: Daniel Dittmar

Art Director: Daniel Dittmar

Copywriter: Anni Hall

Design: Daniel Dittmar

Photographer: Daniel Dittmar

Additional credits: Input: Anni Hall

Published: March 2013

Short rationale (optional): Working side by side with Anni, this brand explores the notion of personal inspiration that represents a particular time and place. I wanted the viewer to interact with the brand through the eyes of Anni herself, so we mapped out three spots in Sydney that have had a profound impact on her practice; Centennial Park, Gordons Bay, and the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Through the use of cropped photography and emotional colour response to take us to a particular location, the idea of scent expanded upon the concept further. By incorporating flowers from each location into the brand, and using their scent on the printed stationary we can allude to the spaces in a two pronged approach; visual and olfactory. This also aligns strongly with the beauty industry that Anni is an integral part of.

Dirty Design: The Chiltern Brewery pump clips


Brand: The Chiltern Brewery

Title(s): Range of Pump Clips

Agency: Dirty Design, Bristol, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Charlotte Hockey-Berry

Art Director: Charlotte Hockey-Berry

Copywriter: The Chiltern Brewery

Illustrator: Dirty Design

Photographer: Dirty Design

Published: April 2013

Adjust Your Set: Carphone Warehouse 'Smarter Story' documentary

Carphone Warehouse Smarter Story from Ollie on Vimeo.


Brand: Carphone Warehouse

Title(s): Smarter Story Documentary - smartphoneography

Agency: Adjust Your Set, London, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Oliver Elmes

Photographer: Dilshad Corleone

Additional credits: Producer: Ed Tull

Sound Design: Chris Reading

Director of Photography: Leon Willis

Published: February 2013

Short rationale (optional): Carphone Warehouse has launched an inspirational content campaign titled "Smarter World", aimed at encouraging people to use the wide and varied possibilities that smartphones offer. The first is an inspirational documentary looking at an amateur photographer's rise to fame through smartphone-photography. Filming Dilshad Corleone as he walks the streets of Barcelona, this film looks at the ways he can use his smartphone to take some truly beautiful photographs.

Truth Creative: Energy Desk brand identity


Brand: Energy Desk

Title(s): Energy Desk Brand Identity

Agency: Truth, Manchester, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Darren Scott

Illustrator: Ant Wilde

Additional credits: Designers: Ant Wilde and Cathryn Ellis

Published: December 2012

Short rationale (optional): Formerly GET Solutions North, The Energy Desk needed to re-brand to reflect the changes in the business operations. Truth began by developing a brand strategy for the company, which served as the foundation for the subsequent creation of a logo, tone of voice, typography and colour palette. The brand and logo is representative of the Energy Desk’s proposition as a consultancy that plugs into its customers’ businesses and helps them streamline their energy costs. The colour palette reflects the company’s focus on sustainable energy solutions as a means of helping customers reduce their carbon footprint as well as utility bills.

JWT London: HSBC Hong Kong Sevens 'Serious Play' TV ad


Brand: HSBC

Title(s): Serious/Play – Hong Kong Sevens

Agency: JWT London, London, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director on HSBC: Axel Chaldecott

Art Director: Simon Sworn

Copywriter: Matt Chandler

Additional credits: TV Producer: Romila Sanassy

Assistant TV Producer: Helen Ball

Planner (creative agency): Orlando Hooper-Greenhill

Global Director: Tanya Hamilton-Smith

Account Manager: Rollo Gwyn-Jones

Media Agency: Mindshare

Media Planner: Sam Selleck

Director: Ash Bolland

Production Company: Curious Films

Editor: James Rosen at Final Cut London

Sound: Dan Weinberg at Greek Street Studios

Published: March 2013

Bunch: Fogg visual identity


Brand: Fogg

Agency: Bunch, London/Zagreb

Agency website:

Creative Director: Denis Kovac

Additional credits: Original Blob and Direction conceived by: Kurppa Hosk

Published: 2013

Short rationale (optional): Bunch developed the identity based on the brand directions that were conceived by the Kurppa Hosk. A stark and somewhat technical visual foundation is complemented by an inspiring blob – while digital in nature, its 3D model carefully combines light, texture and space which brings depth in both print and digital format while maintaining its poetic essence. Also in charge of print production, Bunch was able to produce materials with great attention to detail, where the "borderless" theme is explored not only through typography and visuals but also materials, print processes and finishes.

Loaf Creative: Coco's Fortune branding and website


Brand: Coco’s Fortune

Title(s): Coco’s Fortune Branding and Website

Agency: Loaf Creative, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Dave Mullen

Photographer: Moy Williams

Additional credits: Ste May

Published: 2012

Short rationale (optional): Branding, positioning, website, behind-the-scenes video and photography direction for new women's fashion label Coco's Fortune, a sassy, vintage-inspired collection based on the whimsical musings of a free spirit called Coco, brought to life by the team at Loaf Creative for Fashion Finders - the people behind Rare London.

Resoluut: Business cards that won't be discarded


Brand: Resoluut

Title(s): Business Cards That Won’t Be Discarded

Agency: Resoluut, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Agency website:

Creative Director: Micha Commeren

Art Director: Micha Commeren

Additional credits: Printing and Modelling: Nanning De Jong

Published: March 2013

Short rationale (optional): We wanted to celebrate our five year anniversary in style and in 3D. We started illustrating each other’s regular business card years ago and still feel it's a nice way for a design focused company to honour the people that make things pretty. We dreamed of making our illustration into reality for years and by coincidence ran into someone who could do exactly that. So Nanning and I secretly started the project and at our party dinner celebration handed out our new business cards to our people.

Savvy Studio: Gomez Bar brand identity


Brand: Gomez Bar

Headline and copy text (in English): Friendly Neighbourhood Bar

Agency: Savvy Studio, Monterrey, México

Agency website:

Creative Director: Savvy Studio

Art Director: Eduardo Hernandez

Copywriter: Savvy Studio

Illustrator: Violeta Hernandez

Photographer: Alejandro Cartajena

Published: March 2013

The Media Group: The FA Youth Development Review

Brand: The FA

Title(s): The FA Youth Development Review

Agency: The Media Group, Nottingham, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Alison Booker

Additional credits: Creative Team: Rachael Boothby and Anna Sangha

Published: February 2013

Short rationale (optional): The Media Group produced a range of age-specific marketing materials to support The FA’s Youth Development Review – a series of recommendations developed over two years to improve kid’s football. The integrated campaign included a series of videos and road shows developed to raise awareness and knowledge of the proposals.

Shed: MEATMission interior design


Brand: MEATMisson

Title(s): MEATMisson Hoxton interior design

Agency: Shed, London, UK

Agency website:

Additional credits: Light fittings in the private room: the tubular fittings in front of the window were designed by Shed and built by Oval Workshop, with shades supplied by John Moncrieff

The pendant shades and fittings are supplied by John Moncrieff

Bar equipment: Serva Clean

Kitchen equipment: Dentons

Curtains: Sew Fine

Fabrics: Northcroft and Vescom

Second hand furniture: Pub Furniture and sourced privately.

Lighting: Historic Lighting and John Moncrieff

Graphics: Genix

Window tint films: Omega

Exterior awning blinds: Flamingo Blinds

Specialist EL Wire lighting: EL Wire Craft

Published: March 2013

Yui Hamagashira of Film Club (part of Th1ng): ChildLine


Brand: ChildLine & BAFTA Kids’ Vote

Additional credits: Director: Yui Hamgashira

Producer: Sue Louglin

Production Company: Film Club Productions

Post Production: th1ng

Music: Eclectic

Sound Recording: Greek Street Studio

Published: March 2013

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