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Union of French Jewish Students suing Twitter for £32 million over #unbonjuif

Union of French Jewish Students suing Twitter for £32 million over #unbonjuif Union of French Jewish Students suing Twitter for £32 million over

The Union of French Jewish Students (UEJF) has announced that it is suing Twitter for €38.5m (£32.8m) over its failure to comply with a French court ruling over the #unbonjuif case.

On January 24 this year, a French court ordered Twitter to hand over the details of people who had tweeted racist and anti-Semitic remarks, and set up a system that would alert the police to any further such posts as they happen.

Although Twitter deleted the offensive comments from the site, it has failed to implement its country withheld content feature to pre-filter potentially offensive content.

The Parisian court gave the micro-blogging site two weeks to comply or face a fine of up to €1,000 (£849) for every day it doesn't. As it stands, Twitter owes €44,000 but the UEJF has stated it wants considerably more because "is making itself an accomplice and offering a highway for racists and anti-Semites".

UEJF president, Jonathan Hayoun told AFP: "Twitter is playing the indifference card in not respecting the decision of 24 January,” adding that if the UEFJ wins its case, it will donate the money to the Shoah Memorial Fund.

Twitter has maintained that as it is based in the United States it is protected by the 1st Amendment's freedom of speech guarantees.

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24 Mar 2013 - 23:55
Force-7's picture

A very difficult situation. Freedom of speech is essential in our modern society, and yet where do we draw the line when this freedom is used as an instrument of hatred?

We constantly see people being idiots via social media, especially Twitter due to its "mention" function and general openness, and cases of bullying sometimes flare into large court cases, but racism and anti-semitism takes it to a whole new level.

Also, Twitter deleting the content goes against freedom of speech anyway (unless there's a loophole that states you have a right to say it but not for it to remain recorded), so it's all a big mess really, isn't it?

Here's hoping that justice will be served, whatever form it may take.


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