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Do The Green Thing WWF Earth Hour poster campaign: Get Weird by Dan Germain and Ben Williams

As Earth Hour approaches at 20:30, The Drum releases the final poster from Do The Green Thing, which has run 23 custom-designed posters for each day in March to raise awareness of the environmental issues affecting the planet and how simple changes in behaviour could make a difference.

For the final poster in our Earth Hour campaign, Dan Germain, the creative director of innocent, worked with Ben Williams to create this image highlighting the good things that happen when you turn off the lights.

“Worrying about climate change is all very well, but the real question is… how will it affect our sex lives? Football matches? Discotheques? You know – the important stuff. Our poster sets out to investigate this possible future, where everyone lives in the dark, all of the time, forever, as the dust rises from an eternal and ever-raging global sandstorm, created by our insatiable demand for everything, right NOW. So please don’t f*** the planet up, or there’ll be no more discos, and no more sex.”

Confirmed contributors are:

Tom Uglow, creative director at Google
Patrick Cox, designer of the London 2012 logo
Michael Bierut, Pentagram Partner and Co-Founder of Design Observer
Eddie Opara, Pentagram Partner and in Fast Company's 100 most creative people in business list
Su Huntley and Donna Muir, artists
Andrew Rae, illustrator at Peepshow and designer of Monkey Dust
Pete Fowler, illustrator and world-renowned monster creator
Dan Norris and Rachel Shaugnessey, creative directors, Wieden + Kennedy
Dan Germain, Creative Director, Innocent
Dean Chalkley, fashion photographer
Marina Willer, Pentagram Partner
Domenic Lippa, Pentagram Partner
Emily Oberman, Pentagram Partner
Harry Pearce, Pentagram Partner
Joe Stephenson, designer
Sophie Thomas, Co-Head of Design at the RSA
Steven Qua, designer
Hiromi Suzuki, illustrator
Angus Hyland, Pentagram Partner

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