5 March 2013 - 12:57pm | posted by

Ad of the Day: Kilbeggan Whiskey - Knitting

In this wryly funny ad for an Irish whiskey, Darren's love of knitting causes him to slip up and reveal "the best-kept secret in whiskey". The two performances are lovely - the actor playing Darren reciting the list of items he's knitted is hilarious - but the message is a bit cryptic and some viewers may find it a little puzzling. Agency: Walton Isaacson (USA) Creative: Mark Westman / Eric Flinn / Yumi Minamikurosawa TV Producer: Dana Offenbach / Shauna Williams Production Co: Pathfinder / Red Rage (Dublin) Director: Brian Durnin Producer: Paul Holmes / Stuart Speechly Photography: Dave Grennan Production Designer: Joe Fallover Production Manager: Treasa O'Friel Editing House: Utopic (Chaicago) Editor: Kat Pryor Audio: Utopic (Chaicago)

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