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Form Design: "Creative Balance": 100% Design 2013 campaign


Advertised brand: 100% Design

Advert title(s): "Creative Balance": 100% Design 2013 campaign

Headline and copy text (in English): 100% Design

Advertising Agency: Form, London, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Paula Benson

Design: Paula Benson/Joe Wassell Smith

Photographer: Sara Morris

Additional credits: Stylist: Sandy Suffield

Published: February 2013

Short rationale (optional): The theme for this year’s 100% Design, Creative Balance, reflects the dynamic equilibrium that strikes the perfect cord and defines excellent design. Interpreted for the show as the discovery of that point of playful perfection: the brink of the tipping point, the moment of full potential, where everything is just on the verge of a spiral of chaos, the 100% Design show creative has been devised by specialist communication and exhibition design agencies, Form Design and Thomas Matthews.

Manic Design: Manor Studios identity


Project: Manor Studio

Project title(s): Manor Studio

Advertising Agency: Manic Design, Singapore

Agency website:

Creative Director: Karen Huang

Designer: Benjamin Koh

Photographer: nd Photography

Published: January 2013

Short rationale (optional): Identity work for a new company that provides architectural and spatial design for both commercial and residential clients. Sister company Manor Properties specialises in property development and investment. To accommodate their dual identity requirements, we devised a restrained set of wordmarks that are subtly accented by the mathematical symbol for exponentiation. The adoption of a grid device in the stationery, with which one can come up with variations of geometric shapes, completes Manor's identity system.

Pentagram: Penguin phrasebooks in French, German, Italian and Spanish design


Advertised brand: Penguin

Headline and copy text (in English): Penguin Phrasebooks in French, German, Italian and Spanish

Advertising Agency: Pentagram, London, New York, San Francisco, Berlin and Austin

Agency website:

Creative Director: Angus Hyland

Designer: Zara Moore

Short rationale (optional): Smelly cheese, croissants, and the Eiffel Tower for the French version; salami, Vespas and leaning towers for the Italian. Angus Hyland and his team turned to cultural cliches for the covers of Penguin’s republished 1968 edition phrasebooks.Traditionally, phrasebooks have been treated as a technical and dry resource, but Hyland created a playful design by repeating a series of stereotypical images from each country. The iconic penguin was seconded to project each title via a speech bubble.

Dinosaur: "Office Adventures" WorldPay campaign


Client: WorldPay

Title: Office Adventurers

Agency: Dinosaur


Creative Director: Dan Pitchford/Linsey Hales

Art Director: Dan Pitchford

Copywriter: Jane Rajeck

Illustrator: Young

Published: January 2013

Short rationale (optional): When you're a leading financial technology company that's launching a new kind of business, you need to recruit a certain type of person to help shape the journey. That’s why we created these three characters for WorldPay, part of a high impact, integrated recruitment and launch campaign for their brand-new Manchester operation. Borrowing from the animal kingdom, this sector-atypical campaign uses the Bear, the Cheetah and the Eagle, reflecting their qualities – bravery, pace, vision - to lay down the challenge to prospective candidates, conveying the WorldPay story in an unexpected yet relevant, fun and attention grabbing way.

McCann London: Sony Mobile Xperia Z TV Ad


Advertised brand: Sony Mobile

Advert title(s): Xperia Z TV Ad - Sound, vision, colour, detail from Sony

Headline and copy text: Sony Mobile launches new global Xperia marketing campaign inviting consumers to experience the best of Sony in a smartphone

Advertising Agency: McCann London, London, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Rob Doubal & Lolly Thomson

Art Director: Michael Thomason, Zoe Sys Vogelius

Copywriter: Chloe Grindle, Thomas Ilum

Photographer: Marcus Palmqvist

Additional credits: Director: Tarsem

Producer: Tommy Turtle

Music Title & Artist: ‘Sound and Vision’ David Bowie. Remixed by Sonjay Prabhakar

Published: February 2013

Short rationale (optional): The new TV ad is a reminder of the role Sony’s innovative technology has played in all our lives. Sony technology has been the means by which we have experienced, captured and enjoyed many memorable moments in modern times.

Dog Digital: T in the Park: 20th anniversary website


Advertised brand: T in the Park

Advert title(s): T in the Park: 20th anniversary site

Headline and copy text (in English): T20: experience the 20th year of T in the Park

Advertising Agency: Dog Digital, Glasgow, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Alex Wilson

Art Director: Mark Elder

Photographer: Client

Additional credits: Development Manager: Colin McMillan

Web Developer: Colin Anderson

Front End Developer: Robert Lawson

Head of Marketing: Stephanie Lindsay

QA Analyst: Darren McMillan

Published: February, 2013

Short rationale (optional): To celebrate the 20th year of T in the Park, we undertook a full website revamp to allow fans to share in the history as well as the future of the iconic festival. One of the key aims with the site redevelopment was to increase social sharing opportunities and social media integration. A key feature for the anniversary is The Vault, which lets T-goers from the last 20 years contribute to an event timeline by uploading personal experiences of T in the Park via stories, images and videos.

Studio h: Jaf Tea redesign


Brand: Jaf Tea

Title(s): Studio h creates new look for Jaf Tea

Advertising Agency: Name, City, Country: Studio h, London, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Rob Hall

Illustrator: Rob Hall

Published: Month, Year: February 2013

Short rationale (optional): New brand and packaging design for Jaf Tea, one of the largest exporters of tea in Sri Lanka. A true tea company controlling the entire process and selling the finest quality Ceylon tea, the new look repositions Jaf Tea as a premium quality global tea brand. The tea bush motif gives prominence to the tea bud, a critical component in tea plucking, with leaves representing the contours and pathways of tea gardens. Initial launch: Russia and Asia.

pi global: Ballerina Biscuits packaging design

Myke Hamiltion: #NaughtyToBeNoticed recruitment appeal


Advertised brand: Myke Hamilton

Advert title(s): #NaughtyToBeNoticed

Headline and copy text (in English): Finding a new job is hard. Sometimes, you have to be #Naughty to be noticed.

Advertising Agency: Myke Hamilton, Manchester, England

Creative Director: Myke Hamilton

Illustrator: Myke Hamilton

Published: February 2013.

Short rationale (optional): A set of seven postcards to form an original CV campaign to help find Myke Hamilton a job in the media industry.

CP+B: Paddy Power "2nd Job for Subs" OOH campaign


Advertised brand: Paddy Power

Advert title(s): #2ndjobsforsubs

Headline and copy text (in English): Five separate creative executions for five different Premiership players all placed at relevant football club advertising sites:

1. Jose Bosingwa at Queens Park Rangers FC

Headline – Bosingwa

Copy – As you’re too good to sit on the bench… Grab yourself a vest, we need a few more stewards. #2ndjobsforsubs

2. Fernando Torres at Chelsea FC

Headline – Fernando

Copy – We’ve got an onion bag you can actually find. It’s in the burger van mate. Can your hair net on. #2ndjobsforsubs

3. Andrei Arshavin at Arsenal FC

Headline – Andrei

Copy – We’ve got somewhere you can really put a shift in… Block D toilets. What’s Russian for plunger? #2ndjobsforsubs

4. Darren Bent at Aston Villa FC

Headline – Benty Boy

Copy – On the subject of price tags… Help us out in the club shop and stick some on these. #2ndjobsforsubs

5. Peter Odemwingie at West Bromwich Albion FC

Headline – Odemwhingey

Copy – You like a trip down to London, fancy driving the supporters’ bus for the next 18 months? #2ndjobsforsubs

Advertising Agency: CP+B, London, England

Agency website:

Creative Director: Ben Walker / Matt Gooden

Art Director: Tess Gaertner

Copywriter: Thomas Hall

Illustrator: Nic Dray

Photographer: Stock shots for adverts, in-situ images for promotion taken by Jon Buckle

Published: February 2013

Short rationale (optional): Rationale is that fans are fed up watching players collect millions for sitting on the bench, so in ‘We Hear You’ style Paddy Power has suggested some ways they could earn their keep.

Fluid: One Direction Comic Relief single cover art


Advertised brand: One Direction

Advert title(s): Comic Relief official single

Advertising Agency: Fluid, Birmingham, England

Agency website:

Creative Director: James Glover

Art Director: Jonny Costello

Photographer: John Wright

Additional credits: Syco, Sony Music, John Wright

Published: February 2013

Short rationale (optional): Fluid’s cover design for One Direction’s Comic Relief single conveys the charity’s essence: it’s fun and irreverent sense of humour.

W+K: Lactofree "Say Yes to Breakfast" OHH London commuter campaign


Advertised brand: Lactofree

Advert title(s): Say Yes to Breakfast

Headline and copy text (in English): Say Yes to Breakfast

Advertising Agency: W+K, London, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Hollie Newton

Designer: Chris Welsby

Account Director: Laura McGauran

Project Manager: David Anthoney

Published: February 2013

Short rationale (optional): A visual approach to target busy morning commuters in London, to encourage them to be able to enjoy more dairy and to ‘Say Yes to Breakfast’. OOH campaign that will run in conjunction with the second airing of their ‘Hedgehog’ TV spot that first aired in February 2012. Comprising of digital escalator panels in London Underground (LU) stations (on a 10” loop) showcasing a variety of colourful breakfast executions featuring the product range. It will also feature on LCD panels in LU stations.

TBWA: Jameson Iron Horse TV ad


Advertised brand: Jameson

Advert title(s): Iron Horse

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Worldwide

Agency website:

Creative Director: Kris Wixom /Alisa Sengel Wixom

Art Director: Chris Valencius / David Suarez

Writer: Jonathan Marshall / Danny Gonzalez

Director: John Hillcoat

Executive Producers: Shelly Townsend/Matt Factor

VFX Supervisor / Lead Compositor: Corey Brown

Senior Compositors: Iwan Zwarts, Kyle Cody, Nathan Kane

3D Artists: Ajit Menon, Ryan Hussein, Xuan Seifert, Laurent Makowski, Hassan Taimur, Billy Jang, Joshua Merck

Composer/Arranger: Robert Miller

Sound Designer: Gus Koven

Sound Design: Phil Loeb & Jodi Levine

Mixer: Phil Loeb & Jodi Levine

EP: Gloria Pitagorsky

Additional credits:

Published: February 2013

Short rationale (optional): Set in the early 1800s, this spot continues the saga of our brand founder, John Jameson, and his quest to protect is beloved whiskey. In the latest commercial, he comes face-to-face with his fiercest adversary yet – modern technology. Jameson has to think on his feet faster than ever before in this action-packed tale.

Hunt & Co.: Solunite AG identity


Advertised brand: Solunite AG

Advertising Agency: Hunt&Co., Melbourne

Agency website:

Short rationale (optional): The brief required the packaging to incorporate all aspects of the printed collateral including documents, with compliments slips and business cards, as the samples are often shipped directly to the customer without the opportunity for personal representation. Working within several production constraints the solution features a forme cut lid with twelve strategic semi circles that enable all aspects of printed collateral to be ‘clipped in’ and become the labelling system themselves.

AMV BBDO: Eurostar 6 Nations press campaign


Advertised brand: Eurostar

Advert title(s): 6 Nations

Headline and copy text (in English): Hostilities renewed. Trafalgar. Waterloo. Twickenham?

Advertising Agency: AMV BBDO, London, UK

Agency website:

Art Director: Mike Hannett

Copywriter: Dave Buchanan

Photographer: Alexander Kent

Additional credits: Agency account man: Emily Elson

Agency planner: Martin Beverley

Media Agency: Arena

Published: February 2013

Short rationale (optional): Overall brief for this campaign is to comment on topical events in the media from a Eurostar perspective.

Unit 9: Disney's Oz The Great and Powerful Google Chrome web experience


Advertised brand: Disney Oz The Great and Powerful

Advert title(s): Find Your Way to Oz

Headline and copy text (in English): Find Your Way to Oz

Advertising Agency: Name, City, Country: Unit 9

Agency website:

Creative Partner: Piero Frescobaldi

Art Director: Fredrick Aven

Illustrator: Robert Cheetham, Dan Evans

Published: February 2013

Short rationale (optional): Visitors to can navigate through a Kansas circus, inhabited by the wizard, to the land of Oz where they will be swept up by a major storm. The experience is aimed at uniting traditional filmmaking effects and 3D with HTML5 web technologies including WebGL. People can also compose tunes on the music box and link up their webcams to take photos of themselves in the photo booth.

AMV BBDO: GALAXY Audrey Hepburn TV ad



Title(s): Audrey Hepburn

Headline and copy text (in English): Why have cotton when you can have silk?

Advertising Agency: AMV BBDO, London, UK

Agency website:

Director: Daniel Kleinman

Production Co: Rattling Stick

Post Production: Framestore

Published: February 2013

Short rationale (optional): Hepburn is brought back to life as the new ‘Galaxy Girl’ using cutting edge CGI technology to create never-before-seen footage of Audrey in a GALAXY advert. It tells the simple, elegant story of our film star protagonist, Audrey Hepburn, seeking a place to enjoy her GALAXY chocolate; a move akin to one from cotton to silk.

22 Group: Key brand refresh and website redesign


Brand: Key Youth Charity

Advertising Agency: 22, Manchester, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Robin Arnold

Copywriter: Ursula Patten

Published: February 2013

Short rationale (optional): Youth charity Key has commissioned Manchester-based branding, digital and marketing agency 22 to reinvigorate and refresh the look and feel of the brand. The new modern and engaging logo includes subtle references to the shape of a ‘Key’, a bright colour pallet, angular typography and photos of service users has now been employed across all brand collateral, including the charity’s website.

Anagrama: Guy Bauer identity


Advertised brand: Guy Bauer

Advertising Agency: Anagrama, Mexico

Agency website:

Short rationale (optional): Chicago-based video production company Guy Bauer’s new visual identity is based around a quill logo-mark – conveying their story-telling philosophy – a stationary solution that references film and a deep green color palette designed to convey depth and reliability.

HROC: etc Magazine. Issue 3: Lost

Andy Pitts Chris Marshall Martha McGarry Jim Duncan Juliet Hazard Laura Rowson


Brand: etc Magazine

Advertising Agency: HROC, Birmingham, UK

Agency website:

Senior Designer: Chris Marshall

Designers: Andy Pitts, Jim Duncan, Juliet Hazard, Laura Rowson, Martha McGarry

Published: February 2013

Short rationale (optional): Designers at Birmingham based HROC Design are continuing to develop the magazine based etc project. This self-initiated platform allows the designers at HROC to grow and evolve outside of the commercial arena with a focus on personal responses to a given theme for each edition. The latest instalment is created around the theme of ‘lost’ and the designers all have very different takes on this – ranging from hair loss and heart-ache to the destruction of the Twin Towers in the world Trade Centre attacks.

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