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59% of mobile web users now as comfortable with mobile advertising as they are with TV or online advertising

59% of mobile web users now as comfortable with mobile advertising as they are with TV or online advertising59% of mobile web users now as comfortable with mobile advertising as

InMobi has launched the results of its Mobile Media Consumption Report today, which has found that 75 per cent of respondents have been introduced to something new via their mobile device.

The study of over 15,000 mobile users also found that 59 per cent of global mobile web users are now as comfortable with mobile advertising as they are with TV or online advertising, while 80 per cent of consumers plan to conduct mobile commerce in the next 12 months.

Naveen Tewari, CEO and co-founder at InMobi, said: “Mobile devices now permeate every aspect of modern life. The study reveals that mobile users are always-on, whether surfing the mobile web while spending time with family (48 per cent), at a social event (45 per cent), commuting (60 per cent) and shopping (43 per cent). This creates a huge opportunity for brands and marketers to engage with consumers throughout the day unlike traditional advertising like print and TV.”

In terms of ads, 54 per cent of respondents reported that they had noticed ads while engaged in an app, while 80 per cent of respondents were influenced by a mobile ad to download an app and 67 per cent went on to visit a brand’s website immediately afterwards.

It was found that 54 per cent of users discover mobile ads via apps, 40 per cent on a search engine, 27 per cent on a retailer website and 23 per cent on a video website.

Tewari added: “This study reiterates the industry stats on the mobile media consumption boom. With consumers now being increasingly receptive to mobile advertising and in-app ads, there has never been a better time for brands to embrace the use of mobile technologies. Finally, it highlights the fact that there is a real need for the industry to continue to rapidly innovate the ad experience and deliver rich, relevant, and timely content to the user.”

Almost half (46 per cent) said they had made purchases using their mobile device, while 45 per cent said it has influenced their in-store purchases.


28 Feb 2013 - 06:34

Awesome. Gotta give a lot of credit to mobile ad networks for making ads more interesting AND more relevant through improved targeting, etc. Relevant ads don't feel like ads. Modern consumers are savvy and have high expectations for everything, even the ads that hit them when they are using mobile apps. Airpush published a really interesting piece on "Redesigning mobile messaging" recently. It's a great tag onto this article. http://blog.airpush.com/redesigning-messaging-relevance-how-we-grew-to-2/


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