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Average person sees 27 roadside posters and 14 bus adverts a day - Largest Out of Home sector research revealed by Route

In an average day someone will make eye contact with around 27 roadside posters, 14 bus adverts and by taking a trip on the tube, they will come across an average of 74 adverts, according to the largest piece of research conducted into the UK outdoor advertising sector.

Released today, the £19 million study by research body Route, has looked into how people across Britain come across outdoor advertising.

The research was commissioned in 2008 and undertaken by Ipsos MediaCT and MGE Data, while also including the largest GPS travel survey which tracked 28,000 people over a nine day period and resulted in 19 billion GPS records being made.

Eye tracking techniques were also adopted to realise what adverts participants saw while travelling, while including the measurements of 360,000 frames for road, bus and the tube.

James Whitmore, managing director of Route said: “We now know who is travelling where, how, when and at what speed. The name, "Route", is designed to reflect this. Increasingly, time spent out-of-home is about understanding the routes that people take. It is about knowing the pathways of the eye. The medium is changing rapidly and we must think from the point of view of the audience, not from the position of a poster. If we start with a deep knowledge of how people move about, we have the flexibility to decide what we put in their way in terms of communication opportunities. By defining the audience it will be possible to use the data to plan, trade or value the medium.”

Jeremy Male, chair of the Outdoor Media Centre, added: “The launch of Route is the culmination of years of investment and planning to provide our advertisers and agencies with a state of the art outdoor audience planning system. The investment is a testament to the health of the outdoor sector and a statement of confidence in its future success.”

Mungo Knott, the Marketing and Insight Director at Primesight says:

"The launch of Route today, created from 'big data', leads the world of OOH advertising research in its scope and depth. The result is an unprecedented view of how the public interact with out of home advertising.

The resulting data would allow out of home media owners to understand customer behaviour and use it when selecting advertising opportunities more effectively, Mungo Knott, marketing and insight director at Primesight, commented.

"This level of insight is invaluable to agencies whose need is to ensure that their advertising campaigns are effective and their media investments are efficient. It provides the first real opportunity for buyers and sellers in out of home to trade audience impacts rather than the traditional average cost per frame," he continued.

It was also revealed that the average distance travelled out-of-home each week was 241km at an average speed of 19.94 km per hour with men found to travel faster and further than women.

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26 Feb 2013 - 12:16
scott@traffic's picture

yes thats all very good and technically can quote some interesting specs but what it totally ignores is that once the viewer has seen the ad or billboard do they give a rats ass about what they have just seen? just because you put hundreds of ads at eye level and you have no option but to look at will not make someone always follow up with a purchase. This research is the sort of bumf used to the try and convince us all we should be booking more ad space. Its pretty much the same sort of crap ive had to suffer from yellow pages sales reps for years.

27 Feb 2013 - 12:53
PaulS15553's picture

I think you're missing the point scott@traffic. OOH is a £970 million industry. This particular piece of research provides a far greater depth of audience insights and consequently more accountability to clients. It is incredibly robust and provides a more realistic view of who is looking at ads, when and where. That should be commended, not merely dismissed through a lack of understanding about the research. Of course effectiveness research is also paramount - but this particular piece of research helps brands that already buy into OOH's effectiveness understand it better.

27 Feb 2013 - 19:20
scott@traffic's picture

I usually do miss the point on stuff like this but I dont think its because of a lack of understanding about the research, more that my 'bullshit-ometer' has gone off the scale with the above research.


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