HomeAway.co.uk launch summer campaign starring 10 British families

Holiday rentals listing company HomeAway.co.uk has unveiled its latest campaign starring real families.

Instead of opting for a professional shoot, HomeAway.co.uk picked 10 ordinary British families and gave them GoPro cameras to film their summer holidays at a HomeAway.co.uk site.

London Taxi Advertising has been employed to run a taxi advert campaign featuring holiday snaps from the McConnell family in London. A TV sponsorship campaign on prime time Really TV, part of the UKTV network of channels will feature videos from all 10 families. The videos will also be promoted on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Key lifestyle magazines, such as Red, Good Housekeeping, Woman & Home, Easy Living, Ideal Home and Delicious, will also carry advertisements featuring the families.

Erica Chang, senior regional director of HomeAway UK, commented: “We wanted to show more people the benefits of a rental over a hotel. Staying in a range of properties across Europe, the families who took part in this campaign really brought the properties alive and showed how hotel-style standards can easily be achieved at rental prices which remain highly competitive by comparison.”

HomeAway UK marketing manager, Marie Chenailler, added: “By using multiple media platforms we hope to reach as many holidaymakers as possible and show them that they don’t have to stay in a five star hotel to have a five star holiday. With HomeAway.co.uk you can tailor-make a holiday that is perfect for you, perhaps learn a new skill and take home life long memories.”

There is also a competition in the form of an interactive video quiz to support the campaign with prizes ranging from £1000 and £500 towards holiday rental stays, an iPad, a camera and a Kindle.

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