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Bowmore launches its first Twitter whisky tasting with Yomego

#LoveBowmore picture by blogger Steve Prentice#LoveBowmore picture by blogger Steve Prentice

Bowmore is running its first Twitter whisky tasting tonight, with 14 industry journalists and bloggers from across the UK chosen via a competition to take part.

Working with Yomego, the campaign saw every taster involved receiving a ‘whisky bouquet’ through the post – a special parcel containing the four whiskies being sampled, along with a Valentine’s card from Bowmore.

Joe Hughes, digital marketing manager at Morrison Bowmore Distillers, said: “Many whisky fans will tell you that they don’t just like whisky – they love it – which made Valentine’s eve the perfect time to run our tasting.

“We know we have very loyal fans that enjoy learning more about Bowmore – and on top of that, we’ve been able to give them something back, with the preview of one of our ‘under development’ secret expressions. The hashtag means that anyone interested can follow and learn more too – and even join in with a wee dram at home if they have a bottle to hand!”

Taking place tonight at 7pm, Bowmore master blender Rachel Barrie (@theLadyBlender) will provide instructions and images through the hashtag #LoveBowmore.

Steve Richards, MD at Yomego, said: “This is a playful way to use Twitter – a fun way for bloggers to get closer to the brand, those behind it and each other. The involvement of Rachel Barrie is a great coup and fans even get an unprecedented ‘social tour’ of the newest blend.”

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