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Code Computerlove works on new website for rebranded UK healthcare provider benenden health

Benenden Healthcare Society has rebranded as benenden healthUK health and wellbeing mutual Benenden Healthcare Society has workeBenenden Healthcare Society has rebranded as benenden healthUK health

UK health and wellbeing mutual Benenden Healthcare Society has worked with Code Computerlove on a new website to showcase the new look and feel of the brand, following the creation of a new brand identity.

Benenden Healthcare Society will remain the legal entity of the brand with the organisation’s not-for-profit offering marketed under the new ‘benenden health’ branding.

Under the rebrand the new site hosts a range of improved content and functionality, including an exclusive Members’ Area. An advertising campaign is also set to run, incorporating digital and direct marketing campaigns as well as TV advertising in prime-time slots.

With more than 900,000 members, the new-look Members’ Area has been designed to improve online customer service. The website also provides a secure way for members to conveniently manage membership and allows for customers to update their details, add friends and family and access personal membership records and case information. There is also a wealth of health and wellbeing information tailored to members individual needs.

Partner hospital information, online forums, live chat functionality and webinars have all been added to the site which is also optimised for mobile devices.

Marketing and business strategy director for benenden health, Marc Bell, commented: “We have created a powerful and distinctive brand identity that will help us stand out in an extremely competitive healthcare market and we wanted to ensure that our website reflected this and helped us meet the changing needs of our audiences.

“The new website has been specifically designed to be a key resource for our members looking for healthcare advice and support. By adopting a user-centric approach when developing the new site, we’ve ensured it will meet the needs of our members as well as helping to drive more engagement with our audiences.”

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20 Feb 2013 - 08:38
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Sorry as a Chrome browser user this doesn't do it for me. I temporarily reverted to IE to give it a try but the site continually locked up and was so slow as to make it impracticable to continue. Perhaps the use of user browser stats would have prevented the potential to alienate a lot of existing members and put off potential new members.


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